Health Insurance: Denied Health Insurance Claim? However, this important information is for you..! , Claim not received even after health insurance, you can complain here, know full information here

HealthHealth Insurance: Denied Health Insurance Claim? However, this...

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health insurance: During the Corona epidemic, people had to face many problems. beds or thousands of deaths in hospitals. Victims were admitted to any hospital, whether public or private, if they could find a place for treatment. However, while some have health insurance.. they use it and get treatment in hospitals. However, there are many people who have been treated for that problem and are yet to get a health insurance claim. Taking health insurance and paying premiums from time to time. People were upset due to non-receipt of claim. However, you can also pay the premium on time. What if the claim is not received? What are your rights? Get key details like.

During the Corona epidemic, health insurance companies not only settled the claims of patients in a timely manner but also rejected them. There have been many such cases. However, the claims were dismissed with absurd arguments, without any valid reason. Many agencies have denied the allegations, saying, “It would have been better if Corona had stayed at home. You don’t need to go to the hospital. If you are also in a similar situation, then there is no need to take stress. It is enough to complain to the agency.

Whom to complain..
Actually any insurance.. must be claimed within 30 days. If the claim is rejected by making unreasonable claims without doing so.. You can immediately complain to the Ombudsman. Recently one such case has become very popular. There was also a debate in the Lokpal regarding this. The Lokpal upheld the claims of the victims. The TPA (Third Party Administration) said it is “absurd” to question the doctor’s diagnosis of a person suffering from a disease.

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Who is TPA (Third Party Administration)?
1. TPA.. Insurance is mediated by the customer, the company. If customers require health insurance.. TPA should be notified. This informs the company.
2. The TPA assists in processing the claim and settlement.
3. Insurance companies provide services through TPA.. without direct management.
4. However, companies try to reduce the amount of TPA insurance to satisfy.

In fact, there has been a significant increase in claims being denied, saying last-minute hospitalizations are unnecessary. While the Kovid trial was going on, the Supreme Court ruled that Justice Vipin Sanghi, Rekha Palli Bench Insurance Company, TPA should approve the claim within 60 minutes. This decision is not going to be implemented. To date, the claims cases remain unresolved.

Procedure for filing complaint with Lokpal
1. If your claim is also rejected, the matter should be reported to the Ombudsman.
2. No fee will be charged from the customers.
3. Complaints can also be made by e-mail.
4. There are 17 Lokpal centers in the country.
5. Information of IRDAI is available on the website. (www.irdai.gov.in)
6. The Insurance Ombudsman Council (www.cioins.co.in) can also do this.

Customers can approach the Ombudsman for complaints such as claim rejection, delay in making claims and sale of substandard products. But while making a complaint, all the documents and bills related to the treatment have to be attached. The complainants should remember this fact.

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