Health minister warns 2022 budget won’t solve exclusion problems in his region

U.S.A.Health minister warns 2022 budget won't solve exclusion problems...

Cevallos suggested that Congress would have to evaluate the possibility of approving international credit or a special tax collection policy. , Photo: Andean Agency

health minister, hernando sevlosHe said he was “sincere” by pointing out that the public sector budget for fiscal year 2022 that executive endorses before the Congress of the Republic would work only if health care continued to address major problems in that sector. Will not be able to solve.

,With these budgets we only manage the crisis in Peru, but We don’t address the massive exclusions we have in health”, said at the end of his presentation at the plenary session this Tuesday.

He said that with the said budget, the installed capacity gap of 8304 establishments will not be resolved as 1791 new establishments are required for the first level of health.

,Our estimates suggest that the additional annual cost of closing the first level of the care gap is 12 billion soles, that is, with this Budget People will have no place to go for care. We will continue to have populations that when it goes to attend first level establishments don’t get enough personnel, don’t get the appropriate equipment and infrastructure capable of caring for patients covid no more COVID”, he indicated.

gaps in hospitals

Hernando Cevallos also pointed out that there is a difference in installed capacity among 220 hospitals at the hospital level, so There is a need for 156 new hospitals across the country.

what’s more, Describing the quality of care as “shameful” It is given to patients in regional hospitals, where stretchers can be seen in the corridors “because hospitals don’t give much.”

,We have to rethink health. We can’t go like this. Let us know that this budget is for health to continue like this. Neither the health ministry nor any person in charge of the health ministry will change from this budget. Health, the reality of exclusion that we’ve had for decades”, he repeated.

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Given this, Cevallos Asked Congress to enact a law considering the need to access resources To be able to cope with a serious health condition.

He indicated that it was necessary to execute “A priority portfolio consisting of 104 health investment projects requiring additional funding 1954 million soles by the year 2022,

,We need 10,000 experts in the country; 25 thousand professionals; 20 support technicians and the additional annual cost for this is 4 billion soles. This is the reality to start walking the path of giving back the right to health to the people, we have to solve this together“, He said.

Along these lines, he suggested that Congress would Evaluate the possibility of approving international credit or a special tax collection policy Why “Let us all get wet in this health emergency and give chance to good health to the people,

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