Health News: 2 special surgeries for the problem of obesity.. benefit or harm from these..? , There are two types of surgery to reduce obesity, know their advantages and disadvantages

HealthHealth News: 2 special surgeries for the problem of...


Health News: Due to wrong eating habits, obesity is increasing in people. To get rid of this, people are adopting different methods. However, the surgery is being done as the results are not visible. The number of people resorting to surgery to look fit in hospitals is increasing rapidly. Before undergoing surgery to reduce obesity, it is important to know complete information about it.

bariatric surgery

According to doctors, there are basically two types of surgery to reduce obesity. One is bariatric surgery and the other is liposuction surgery. However, not all obesity can be cured by these surgeries. Before undergoing surgery to reduce obesity, it is important to know about the BMI in the body. Bariatric surgery is performed on people with a BMI (body mass index) over 31 and are unable to lose weight despite a lot of effort. In this surgery, the patient makes some changes in the stomach and intestines. Due to this the weight of the patient starts reducing.

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liposuction surgery for body shape
Liposuction surgery is usually performed on people with low BMI. People who are very obese cannot do this surgery. Liposuction is a surgical procedure performed exclusively for cosmetic purposes. This will reduce the fat around the thigh and abdomen. People with very high BMI should not undergo this surgery. This is because in some cases the fat globules move into the lungs due to liposuction. It is a big threat to life. However such cases are very rare.

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