Heavy rain pours Mandalika Circuit, 2021 WSBK Indonesia Race 1 postponed for a day

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MANDALIKA – It’s raining heavily Mandalika Circuit shortly before Race 1 World Superbike (WSBK) Indonesia 2021, Saturday (20/11/2021). As a result, the race had to be postponed to tomorrow, Sunday (11/21/2021).

The WSBK chose to assess the situation until 16:00 WITA. The rain actually stopped. However, the track, which is 4.3 km away, was again flooded with heavy rain.

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Therefore, WSBK chose to postpone Race 1. The decision was also taken after discussing with the drivers, and they felt that racing in the rain was very dangerous.

As a result, Race 1 will be held on Sunday, at 11:00 WITA / 10:00 WIB. That means race 1 will replace the SuperPole race slot. Meanwhile, the WSBK has yet to announce a revised schedule.

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Race 1 WSBK Indonesia is not the only race that has been postponed. Race 3 Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup (IATC) must also be postponed to Sunday, 12:30 WITA/11:30 WIB.

Rainfall was actually predicted the previous day. This also disrupted two races, namely Race 2 IATC 2021 and Race 1 World Supersport (WSSP) 2021.

However, the two races were not too affected. Light rain fell just before the IATC started, but soon subsided. Likewise with the WSSP, which doesn’t really affect the race.


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