Heavyweight: Ex-Mr.Cosmic Calum von Moger reveals how life was ‘off the rails’ before the window jumped

Former Mr Universe Calum von Moger revealed in a series of online posts before jumping out of a window that his life had been “off the rails” – with two arrests, the death of his “best friend” dog and a pet lizard.

The 31-year-old bodybuilder’s drama in recent years – which also included a nearly burned house and a so-called road rage incident – emerged amid encouraging reports that he will spend May 6 Apparent suicide attempt.

Steve Greenberg, a representative for Mogg Management, told news.net on Thursday that the bodybuilder was in stable condition after undergoing spinal surgery.

Mogg – who played Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2018 film “Bigger” and is widely known as “Arnie 2.0” – was arrested twice before his near-fatal leap, which was in court over the alleged road rage incident a few days later.

Moger has been arrested for allegedly chasing a driver and threatening him with a machete during a road rage fight in Melbourne, according to Generation Iron, the company of Muscular Guy, which has 3.3 million Instagram followers.

Mog’s pet dog Rex was suffocated by a chip.
Instagram / @calumvonmoger

He was also arrested separately for possession of drugs, including marijuana, testosterone, methamphetamine and Viaplex, which is used to treat erectile dysfunction, The Age reported.

Just days before his horrific second-floor jump out of a window, Mogg appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court via video link, charging drug charges, as he had done earlier in the alleged road rage incident.

He does not need to plead guilty because his case was adjourned until May 26.

Mog has previously hinted at legal issues on his popular social media channels — including when he captioned a workout video: “Life in prison lol.”

On March 30, two days after his court appearance, he set a more somber tone, in which he spoke of “hard times.”

Mog has won Mr. Universe three times.
Instagram / @calumvonmoger

“I’ll admit, I screwed up a lot of times,” he wrote in an Instagram post – rumored to have been kicked out by his family as well.

“But I don’t care about dwelling on negative thoughts from the past. I just care about me learning from my mistakes and becoming a better person. I’m doing my best to stay strong, but I also have my days,” he wrote.

“All I can ask is your forgiveness so I can move on on the right path again.”

But other online posts continued to focus on what he called the “worst thing that ever happened” — his bulldog Rex choked on a chip during his stay in Texas.

Mr Universe Calum von Moger
Mog called Rex his “best friend.”
Instagram / @calumvonmoger

“I’ve never felt so frustrated, frustrated,” Mog admitted in a YouTube video announcing the tragedy, days after he also lost a pet lizard.

Calling it “the worst nightmare of my life”, he said Rex’s death “completely destroyed” him and “derailed” him, admitting he “lost” himself in the pain.

“I don’t eat. I don’t sleep. I don’t train,” he said in an Instagram post at the time, claiming his pet’s double death “completely destroyed me.”

He admitted to being in public tears at the memory of losing his “best mate”. my best friend.

“I know Rex wants me to keep trying and don’t let this get me down.  â€ĻI will try my best to get over it,” he wrote, adding that the loss made him more aware of his time in the pandemic Feeling isolated and helpless during this time.

Bodybuilder/Actor Callum von Mogg
Mogg was criticized when he publicly admitted to taking steroids to build his physique.
Gabe Ginsburg/FilmMagic

One of his last posts was a photo commemorating the anniversary of Rex’s death, writing: “Not a day goes by and I don’t think of him.”

Even before that, Mogg had regularly detailed setbacks in his life, including a series of serious injuries that nearly derailed his career. These include a rock climbing accident caught on the Netflix special about him, “Unbroken.”

The documentary also shows him talking about his California home being nearly destroyed by wildfire, saying he was only worried about the safety of the lizards and dogs.

calum von moger 01
Mogg is reported to be in stable condition after spinal surgery.
Calum von Moger / Facebook

“It was quite a scare,” he said.

Mog also found himself facing a barrage of criticism from other weightlifters when he publicly admitted to taking steroids to get an Arni-like physique.

Two years ago, he said in a YouTube video that he “never thought I would talk about” the “underground subject”, saying he felt he needed illicit drugs to fulfill his dream of winning Mr. Universe, which he finally achieved Three wins.

He’s also targeting fitness influencers who “say they don’t take steroids, they say they’re natural — but maybe they’re actually taking something.”

One of his latest shocks, finding out that he has given birth to a son, Kairos, seems to have brought at least some joy, and the bodybuilder recently shared a photo of the proud father of the boy he calls “first in line to the throne.”

“I look forward to watching you grow up. You will do great and wonderful things 💙🐨👑,” Mogg wrote.

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