Heijman, political commissioner for St. County, Southern California, seeks Chinese support for re-election and talks about political opinion

San Bernardino County Commissioner Hagerman. (Reporter Qi Chrome/Photography)

Kurt Hagman, county commissioner for the Fourth District of San Bernardino County in Southern California, is seeking re-election hoping to gain the support of Chinese voters. support increasing the budget and increasing the number of police posts; Holly supports the expansion of investment in infrastructure in the county, and is fully prepared for rapid economic growth. Future;airportThe goal is to build a first-class international airport and increase more international flights.

The Fourth District, which includes Chino, Chino Hills, Montclair, Ontario, and the Southern Uplands, has a total area of ​​about 133 square miles and a total resident population of about 400,000 people. Hagerman was elected to the county council in 2014 and has served two consecutive terms, and is seeking re-election for the next term. He is currently the chairman of the county council, and before serving as county councilman, he was elected to Chinogao City Council, mayor, and the California House of Representatives.

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Past and future efforts to meet challenges

Regarding the most challenging issue during the county councilor’s tenure, Hagerman said the 2020 local outbreak of new coronary pneumoniaEpidemicIt is extremely challenging not only for the county, but for all regions and populations, but this challenge is full of hope. As the fastest growing holy county in the United States, it has already drawn up five-year, ten-year, 15-year, and even 20-year plans to attract 25 to 50% of the population. . Holly County is one of the largest county areas in the United States, larger than some states in size and population. In order to cope with the increase in population, the construction of infrastructure such as highways and power facilities should be prepared at the earliest. All these are challenging and are being addressed.

He also foresees the challenges of the next term, pointing out that with the support of the federal and state governments for the county economy, the county government has enormous capital reserves and surpluses, so if allowed, investments will be made. It is necessary to expand the infrastructure to provide rapid economic growth in future. Fully prepared. Currently, the new passenger Silver Line continues to expand, and other communication facilities need to be invested to expand the scale and make up for it.

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Supporting Telecom for Economic Prosperity

Under the new crown pandemic, more and more people are living in inland areas and working from home. How might the county government react to this trend? Heijman said the trend preceded the outbreak. The main problem is to solve the problem of telework, and a large proportion of the new residents are young people. They use modern technology to work from home and handle various businesses need to be efficiently. Therefore, the county government should give priority to ensuring that high-speed internet can be made available in various districts. Connectivity is more helpful for home office, teaching and telemedicine.

In order to ensure the continued prosperity of the county’s economy, the county government is very conducive to business activities. For example, during the new crown outbreak, the county government imposed no fines on businesses. The county government welcomes businesses to start business here, and provides a strong economic development zone to meet the needs of businesses, and welcomes residents to live and work here.

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Contributed to the development of Ontario Airport

Heijman, who is currently a member of the Ontario International Airport Management Committee, said Ontario Airport has been one of the fastest growing international airports in North America, with new terminals, new restaurants and new parking facilities under construction. The goal is to build a first-class international airport and add more international flights. In addition to direct flights from Ontario to Taipei, China Airlines has also introduced direct flights to Mexico and Europe, and is working hard to connect to mainland China and South Korea. More international direct flights may be launched before the end of the year. When it comes to freight traffic, Ontario Airport has become a top 10 North American freighter. Facing the local market, there will be a greater demand for passenger and freight replacements.

Community crime, racial hatred and . concerned aboutRogueQuestion

Hagerman supported increasing the budget of the police department and increasing the number of police officers. The county government has invested more money to police law enforcement, which has greatly reduced the crime rate. San County is very strict in its handling of crime law enforcement, and will continue to strengthen its investment in law enforcement.

He also attaches great importance to the problem of Asian hate crimes, and believes that to solve this problem, we need to do good work in propaganda and education, promote exchanges between different ethnic groups, help each other. There is a need to share culture and face common problems together. , so that it can be solved in the end.

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In response to the homelessness issue, Hagerman pointed out that the problem is widespread not only in San Francisco but in Southern California. The county government needs to use a lot of resources and investment funds to solve the homelessness problem, such as building tiny homes for the homeless, providing temporary shelter, helping homeless people with mental problems, physical disabilities, and Alcohol and drug addiction, and establish long-term plans to help homeless people live off the streets. Provide homeless assistance programs and provide better services.

Applying new technology to combat traffic pollution

In recent years, more and more logistics and storage have taken place in Shengxian County, which has brought pollution and traffic problems, and has attracted criticism from residents. Hagerman said traffic problems are more prominent, and pollution problems are mainly concentrated in areas with dense storage. Solutions to pollution include the use of emission reduction technologies or the use of electric vehicles in the future. Holly County, a Musk tunnel construction company, is also considering collaborating with The Boring Company to facilitate underground tunnel traffic, freight transport in underground tunnels, and port cargo to inland destinations via underground tunnels. The county government welcomes the application of new technologies.

San Bernardino County Commissioner Hejman is seeking re-election.  (provided by reader)
San Bernardino County Commissioner Hejman is seeking re-election. (provided by reader)

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