Helicopter gunships, state divisions and over 3,800 agents, Zacatecas . planning to save

U.S.A.Helicopter gunships, state divisions and over 3,800 agents, Zacatecas...

It is expected 1,500 murders linked to organized crime in 2021 (Photo: Presidency of Mexico)

to compete narcoguera Feather zacatecas, with the federal authorities a reinforcement is proposed 3 thousand 848 agents, the division of the state, as well as . Using the three helicopter gunships NS Army And this National Guard,

Luis Crescencio Sandoval, head of the Ministry of National Defense (sedna), assured that Zacatecas II Operation This will come into operation from November 25, because Past actions have not been able to control the violence and only expected in this 2021 1,500 murders associated with organized crime.

according to the head of Army, very Support from military bases From San Luis Potosí, Guanajuato, Aguascalientes And from Jalisco, who will allocate 360 soldiers to patrol the unit’s borders who controls morenista David Monreal Avila,

In addition, the problem will be solved divisions Feather Center, answer And Feather Why Zacatecas? added that An analysis group will be set up led by national intelligence center To support personnel on the ground.

Eight thousand agents are ready to strengthen operations in nearby military bases (Photo: Sedena)
Eight thousand agents are ready to strengthen operations in nearby military bases (Photo: Sedena)

In Zacatecas. industrial and commercial part of, in the center, most of the military personnel will be concentrated 1,940 agents, Whereas in the South they will be 1,104 and in the North just 804.

There 2,114 elements of sedna in which state, 1,744 are operational, From National Guard they do 1,800 agents, from them, 1,644 in security operations. However, those forces will be gradually increased. they add to 1,137 State Police and the rest of the municipalities they represent in total, 5,177 men across Zacatecas,

every 30 days, assured the general, there would be a evaluation of efforts, At that point, it will be determined which areas or areas need priority attention or what results the applied strategy will bring.

Luis Crescencio Sandoval added that there are more of neighboring entities Eight thousand agents ready to fight organized crime, This is for criminal control as well as additional reinforcement in border demarcation.

David Monreal एvila said to commit the crime "he passed his hand" (Photo: Presidency of Mexico)
David Monreal Avila said the crime “got out of hand” (Photo: Presidency of Mexico)

“with this We are going to avoid clash of criminal groups causing violence in the state And act within limits”, promised the head of Sedena.

Be expected that the strategy is dynamic and that members of the armed forces are stationed in the area where they are neededHowever, personnel will already be deployed in all three zones.

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In addition, support will be provided with the Official Collective License. In addition to evaluating them with confidence control tests, police officers can be trained if the Zacatecas need it.

“this is a Strengthening municipalities that represent a trend toward higher incidences of crime, mainly in intentional killings”.

GN's three grounds are foreshadowing for Fresnillo in the years to come (Photo: Sedena)
GN’s three grounds are foreshadowing for Fresnillo in the years to come (Photo: Sedena)

“NS Focused on Fresnillo as a priority municipality And the rest of the industrial corridor that marks the central part”, said Sandoval Gonzalez.

very 16 National Guard barracks expected to operate in Zacatecas in 2023, despite the fact that the three that are made in this 2021 not equipped, Currently employees are in facilities provided in Moyahua de Estrada, Rio Grande and the capital. in the meantime jerezo They are already set up to give a total of six ordination.

The Secretary of Security and Civil Defense, Rosa Aisella Rodriguez, also showed her support for David Monreal, stating that the crime There has been a 59 percent reduction in kidnapping between January and October this year., compared to the same period in 2020.

Contribution to public safety through the Fund’s resources, approx. Zacatecas. 193 million pesos in, which a. represents 3.8% increase than in 2021. On the other hand, getting a single police certificate is planned to support 100% security elements.

AMLO recognized the crisis of violence and told the governor that he was not alone (Photo: Presidency of Mexico)
AMLO recognized the crisis of violence and told the governor that he was not alone (Photo: Presidency of Mexico)

“Be assured that we will also assist in the prosecution of priority cases in general jurisdiction and federal jurisdiction,” the secretary told the governor.

David Monreal He remarked that security is the main problem and it gave rise to social crisis. Entrepreneurs of the region have expressed the need to address the problem in which Sinaloa Cartel And this Jalisco New Generation Cartel,

However, the results are yet to be seen and at least in 2021, Sedna estimates that organized crime-related homicides reach 1,500 cases, a relevant difference, compared to 920 intentional homicides in 2020.

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