“He’s a patriot”: Fernandez Norona defends Luis Crescencio Sandoval to join Q4

U.S.A."He's a patriot": Fernandez Norona defends Luis Crescencio Sandoval...

Fernandez Norona called Luis Crescencio Sandoval a patriot for his statements (Photo: Twitter / @LiderImperial)

during the commemoration of 111th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, holder of National Defense Secretariat (Sedena), Luis Crescencio Sandoval, called upon citizens to join the so-called Fourth Transformation (4T) movement promoted by the Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

The officer said thatIt is necessary to be united in the nation project that is going on., because maybe, far from differences of opinion, history unites us, the love for the land that gave birth to us and the belief that only by working toward one goal we can achieve a reality that lives every day. would be more promising”.

The reactions were immediate, and the majority were negative, as opposition figures He did not get his message right and his affinity with the current government project, for which Sandoval was disqualified.

However, another segment of the population close to the President supported and appreciated the official’s statements, as for him, his statements would help 4T reach out to more people.

(Photo: Twitter)
(Photo: Twitter)

Such was the case of the controversial deputy of the Labor Party (PT), Gerardo Fernández Norona, who took to his official Twitter account to ask users again to hear what the Sedena chief had to say, and even asked him to comment on his Also called patriot for words.

,Listen to it again until you understand. It is an institutional support. @Luis_C_Sandoval is a patriot”, wrote the PT MLA.

It emerged as a critique of support Jose Miguel Vivanco, director of the Americas Division of Human Rights Watch, as he shared Luis Crescencio Sandoval’s message from social networks, which he said, would endanger democracy,

“During the celebration of Revolution Day, General Sandoval, the Chief of the Armed Forces of Mexico, publicly supported and identified with AMLO and his political project. Democracy is in danger when the army gets into party politics“, wrote.

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Netizens did not take long to question Fernandez Norona’s support and shared the reason why the security officer’s statements would be illegal, as aArticle 17 of the Law on the Discipline of the Mexican Army and Air Force It installs it.

PAN will request a hearing before the Senate for Senator Sandobwal to appear (Photos: Instagram @lillytellezg // Cuartoscuro)
PAN will request a hearing before the Senate for Senator Sandobwal to appear (Photos: Instagram @lillytellezg // Cuartoscuro)

,Military in active service is strictly prohibited from interfering directly or indirectly in political matters., except those who enjoy a license which permits it in terms of the provisions of the law,” the document reads.

Furthermore, he pointed out that with this message, the armed forces have “devotion” for AMLO, They will only bring Mexico closer to a military dictatorship As Latin America has suffered in the past decades.

Because of these controversial statements, the National Action Party (PAN) senator announced that she would send a request to the military. attend the Senate of the Republic And explain why you do politics and promote Q4. In addition, he said, he should be responsible for the contracts handed out by the agency directed to build key works of the government of López Obrador.

“I would request Secretary of Defense @Luis_C_Sandoval to appear in Senate: He must explain why he indulges in politics and promotes 4T. The organic law of the Federal Public Administration does not give it these powers. Will have to answer for that too,” the MLA said.

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