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Highland Park gunman Robert Crimo posts Call of Duty clip showing character shooting from rooftop

The alleged Highland Park gunman, Robert E. “Bobby” Creamer III, posted video game footage online showing his character shooting opponents from a rooftop in a manner that closely resembles Monday’s massacre.

The videos, obtained by the Daily Mail, reportedly show Cremo and other Call of Duty gamers commanding each other and laughing while playing violent games, with Cremo’s avatar at one point standing on top of a building and Fire at other players.

On July 4, Cremo, 21, reportedly climbed onto the roof of a suburban Chicago business and allegedly fired more than 80 rounds at marchers below with a legally-purchased semi-automatic rifle, killing seven people and killing dozens more. Injuried. prosecutor.

For decades, experts have debated whether playing violent video games leads to an increase in real-world violence. Some believe it causes players, mainly young people, to become insensitive to violence, while others believe it provides an outlet for players to act aggressively.

Gun advocates are quick to blame video games for the violence after a mass shooting in the United States.

Following the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut that killed 26 people, including 20 children, NRA CEO Wayne Lapierre blamed violent video games in part.

Cremo allegedly fired more than 80 rounds at the marchers from the roof with a legally purchased semi-automatic rifle.
Creamer plays Call of Duty and shoots in other games.
Wake Up the Rapper/BlogSpot
Many have blamed video game gun violence for the increase in mass shootings.
Wake Up the Rapper/BlogSpot

Oliver North, then president of the NRA, also blamed gaming and other violent media after 10 people were murdered in a 2018 mass shooting in Santa Fe, Texas.

Other online clips obtained by the Daily Mail offer some insights into Cremer’s life.

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Crimo, who wakes up the rapper with his rapper, live-streamed a video of him living in a small shed in his parents’ backyard while it was filmed.

“What’s the matter, Communist?” he told viewers at the start of the video, before planning to build a “cabin in the city,” according to the Daily Mail.

The horrific massacre left seven dead and dozens injured.
Wake Up the Rapper/BlogSpot
Crimo posted several clips of playing video games.
Wake Up the Rapper/BlogSpot

Cremer then showed off his car, which he called the “Py Magnet.” The front of the car appears to be painted with shark-like teeth, the number “47” is painted on the driver’s side door, and a sticker on top of the windshield reads “Py Magnet”.

While interacting with the live audience, Cremer once said, “Death to America.” He described what he wanted his home to look like when it was completed. He said “Goodbye, Mr. FBI Agent” during the live broadcast. A separate video titled “Just do it” shows the shed fully built and painted.

In another video, titled “Smiley Soldier (Speed ​​Painting),” obtained by the outlet, Cremer painted a life-size mural of a camouflaged soldier with a yellow smiling face on the outdoor wall of his parents’ home. .

The gunman can be seen in the video targeting his opponent in a similar fashion to the Highland Park parade shooting.
Wake Up the Rapper/BlogSpot

The alleged gunman appeared in court for the first time on Wednesday, appearing unusually calm when a judge ordered him to be held without bail.

The mass shooting came less than three years after police were called to the Cremer home in September 2019, and he reportedly threatened to “Kill everyone there”.

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