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Highland Park parade shooting suspect Robert Creamer posts photo of his ‘teenage sex doll’ online

Just days before the shooting, the Highland Park shooting suspect posted disturbing images of a “teenage” sex doll on a private online forum and made racist and anti-Semitic remarks.

Robert “Bobby” Creamer III posted on the Recording Reality forum under the nickname Awake47 and documented his eerie relationship with a doll he called “Sophie”.

One of the photos posted by Crimo in June 2020 shows the doll seated in the front passenger seat of his Acura 30CL with seat belts fastened

Acura has a “Pu-y Magnet” sticker on its rear windshield, at least four teddy bears in the back seat, and a Donald Trump shaking his head affixed to the car’s rear dash.

Another image posted by Cremer was captioned “Sophie Suicide” and depicted the doll hanging in his closet simulating suicide.

“I don’t understand why,” Cremer wrote in the post. “Sophie, July 1, 2020 – July 22, 2020,” he added with a frown.

Highland Park parade shooting suspect Robert Crimo has a history of posting disturbing images and hate speech on online forums.
Crimo posted racist and anti-Semitic messages on forums documenting reality.
Awake47 via Reddit

The 21-year-old suspect, who was charged Tuesday with seven counts of first-degree murder, also wrote several derogatory posts in the days leading up to the horrific parade shooting.

“The math is all screwed up (sic). The logistics of 6 million Jews don’t make sense, but I’m just mentally retarded,” he posted just after midnight on June 25.

Other posts he wrote included, “I said we just get rid of black people together” on June 28 and “(Asian) should be gassed and washed off” on July 2.

Photos of sex dolls posted online by Crimo.
Photos of sex dolls posted online by Crimo.
Awake47 via Reddit
From a post titled “Sophie Suicides” from Cremer, the doll hangs in his closet.
Awake47 via Reddit

He also wrote: “I see. Old spark. If I remember correctly, some states have reinstated gas chambers as a way. I love it.”

Recorded Reality founder and website moderator Chris Wilson told the Post that he was cooperating with authorities.

“This is not something we once had to deal with. He is a member of this site and others,” Wilson said in a statement. “I think what happened is horrific and I am cooperating fully with law enforcement.”

Crimo has a “Pu-y Magnet” sticker on the back of the car.
Awake47 via Reddit
Creamer kept shaking his head at Donald Trump during his Acura.
Cremer put a Donald Trump bobblehead in his Acura.
Awake47 via Reddit

Cremer was remanded in custody during his trial on Wednesday. During the July 4 march in Highland Park, where he began shooting at marchers, he was charged with killing seven people and wounding more than 40.

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