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Fairphone, a Dutch social company, has made home appliances (more) sustainable and ethical, with self-replaceable and repairable designs that allow users to use their hardware longer. I am aiming to make it something like that. The company has announced that it will update to Android 10 with the “Fairphone 2” released six years ago.

The Fairphone 2 released in 2015 was equipped with Android 5 at that time. Those who still use this modular phone will be able to upgrade to Android 10 (released in 2019) in early 2022. Prior to this, Fairphone began beta testing the upgrade on November 23, US time.

Fairphone will discontinue production of Fairphone 2 in 2018 (support will continue), then “Fairphone 3” in 2019 and “Fairphone 3+” in 2020 (3 will be modularly upgraded to 3+) Also possible) released. And in the fall of 2021, the company’s first 5G terminal “Fairphone 4” was released. The company says it will continue to support the Fairphone 4 until at least 2025.

Given that Fairphone 2 will be updated to Android 10 in 2022, it seems a conservative estimate that Fairphone 4 users will have software support until 2025.

According to Fairphone, the upgrade project to Android 10 has worked with the user community and volunteered open source development by Indian software developer Bharath Ravi Prakash. As a result, the upgrade process could be streamlined and the time required could be reduced.

This reduced the previous Fairphone 2 OS update (upgrade to Android 9) from 18 months to 10 months this time.

Meanwhile, Google has already delivered Android 11 in 2020 and Android 12 in October 2021. You can see how far the Fairphone 2 upgrade is behind the latest OS release.

“We learned a lot from the Android 9 upgrade. Android 10 was more predictable than Android 9, although it’s still complicated,” Fairphone wrote in a press release. Quoting Agnes Crepet, Head of Software Life & IT at the company, he wrote: “Our unique approach to software allows users to use their devices for as long as possible. We are pleased to offer software upgrades to the Fairphone 2 community this time around. With this upgrade, we will not only meet our goal of providing at least five years of support from launch, but we will also provide seven years of support beyond that. We are constantly raising the bar for ourselves and the industry. , We will show that it is possible to tackle further sustainability with software. “

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Fairphone’s seven-year support period is comparable to Apple’s iPhone software support period. But, of course, the software support you can expect from an average Android-based phone is pretty short, and a standard Android smartphone can only get support for about three years. That’s why Fairphone is a big achievement.

Fairphone may have finally caught up with Apple in terms of software life. But in another respect, it’s already far ahead of Cupertino. It is the repairability of the modular structure and the sustainability of the hardware by providing spare parts directly to the consumer.

On November 17, 2021, Apple announced that it would launch a “Self Service Repair” program in 2022. It provides iPhone and Mac users with spare parts and repair tools for basic repairs at home.

Although not fully modular, it’s a small step in a more sustainable direction for Apple, which has historically preferred sealed, ridiculously thin, and literally glued boxes. It’s a step. And that’s the path Fairphone has pioneered over the years.

Image Credits: Matt Burns / TechCrunch

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