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On November 24th, HIKKY announced the opening of the venue for the VR event “Virtual Market 2021” and the first exhibiting company. By exhibiting from companies in various industries, you can enjoy a wide variety of virtual content. Anyone can participate in the special world in VRChat from a VR device or PC, and there will be some browser venues that can be visited by just clicking the URL from a smartphone or the like.

Virtual Market 2021 is an event to be held in VR space from December 4th to 19th (16 days in total), and the theme is “Metaverse City”. The stage of the public exhibition venue is “Paralial Shibuya” and “Paralal Akihabara”. It reproduces Shibuya and Akihabara in the real world, and links with reality to change the weather. On top of that, it seems that expressions that can only be done on the Metaverse, such as buildings that grow as the number of visitors increases, and the “spatial timeline” where information on the real and Metaverse pops up.

Para-real is a coined word that combines “parallel world (parallel world)” + “real (real world)”, and is said to mean that it exists in parallel with the real and the metaverse.

Exhibitors range from Lawson from the convenience store industry, SMBC Nikko Securities from the securities industry, and TV Asahi from the TV industry. In addition, Tokyo Marui, Shogakukan Shueisha Productions, Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store, expert-oriented, Arc System Works, etc. have been announced. In addition, artists such as Seikima II and Chiitan ☆ and the IP itself will participate, and each will provide their own VR content. The exhibiting companies will be announced in the future.

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List of exhibiting companies / IPs / artists (in no particular order, as of November 24)

Lawson / SMBC Nikko Securities / Beams / TV Asahi / Tokyo Marui / Shogakukan Shueisha Productions (Oha Suta Garu Gaku) / Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store / Expert-oriented / Marvelous (Shinobi Master Senran Kagura NEW LINK) / Ark System Works / Bauhutte (Bauhutte) / COMP / Letterpress Printing / Avex Pictures / Japan HP / Sankei Digital (cachette) / diVRse / CryptoAvatars / LDH JAPAN / Bandai Namco Entertainment / Independent Administrative Institution Information Processing Promotion Organization / General Incorporated Association Hospital Marketing Summit JAPAN / EMI Imedo / Taito (Taito Online Crane) / Pimax Innovation Inc./Kurikuro/Ashibikanpani / ServerDNA / Japan‘s No. 1 Software / Monyu Mentsu / Creep / 774inc. / Holy Hunger II / Chitan ☆ / Yashiro Azuki / Aimarine Project / Naginami Channel / Dospara / AKIHABARA Gamers Main Store / Meidorimin / Onoden / TSUKUMO / XPR Labs Inc./Yaokin / Melon Books / Zenrin / MOKURI project / HIKKY (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


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