Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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Hillary Clinton posts a message after the Chiefs win the Super Bowl: Congratulations to Taylor Swift’s boyfriend

professional americansoccernfl annual championship gameSuper BowlToday, the defending Chiefs played against the 49ers. The two sides were tied after 4 quarters and entering overtime, the Chiefs, led by quarterback Mahomes, won 25:22.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton posted, “CongratulationsTaylor SwiftBoyfriend and the Chiefs”, X Platform netizens joked that Travis Kelce is not worthy of the name.

The revelation of Taylor Swift and Kelsea’s relationship has become a hot topic in the entertainment and sports world. Taylor Swift set a record at the Grammy Awards last weekend, becoming the first person in history to win the biggest award, Album of the Year. four times. singer. Kelsey previously said of Taylor: “Her performance is unbelievable. She’s rewriting history. I told her I have to keep my promise and I have to take the trophy home.”



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