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Hochu leads 14% in New York governor’s popular vote

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New York State will begin a general election for governor on November 8, the latest two.voteperformance, Democratic nominee, current governorhoo chu(Cathy Hochul’s lead over the Republican candidate, Congressman Lee Zeldin, by more than a dozen points; but in Upstate andNew York CitySuburban, the gap between the two narrowed.


Siena College released a poll of 806 potential voters late last month on the 2nd, showing that Lishoutan leads in Huo Chu’s acceptance rate of 14%, and New York City leads at 50%. is close to; By ethnicity, age group, and income group, Huo Chu’s approval rating is ahead, but in upstate and suburban New York City, Huo Chu’s approval rate has dropped sharply, and Huo Chu is only ahead of 3%.

Emerson College polls released the same day showed Huo Chu leading by 16%; In New York City the difference between the two was huge, from 69% to 17%; But Lee Shouton’s support rate in the suburbs of New York City was 49% to 43%. % leads Huo Chu, and Shangzhou is basically the same.

New York State Democrats have twice as many registered voters as Republicans. Experts estimate that Lee Shouton would have to receive at least 30% of the vote in New York City and win big in the upstate and New York City suburbs to win; Siena College Democrats polling expert Steven Greenberg said the general election is still 14 weeks away, and the general public won’t start paying attention until after Labor Day.

Lee Southern may be in a better position than 2018’s Republican nominee Mark Molinaro, who trailed then-Governor Andrew Cuomo by 22 percent after the primary elections; “Although the Democrats have won the last four gubernatorial elections, Lee Shouton has the smallest margin with the Democratic nominee this time,” Greenberg said.

Lishoughton aims to repeat the victory of the previous Republican governor, George Pataky, who challenged Mario Cuomo in 1994 and had a 3 percent lead in pre-election polls, 11% ahead of New York City.

In other positions, incumbent Senator Chuck Schumer and State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli are leading 21%, and incumbent State Attorney General Letitia James is leading 14%.

The latest polls show that Huo Chu is ahead of Li Shouton by more than ten percentage points. Pictured is Lee Shouton. (The Associated Press)



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