Hong Kong Media: 4 people including He Yunshi, Chen Rizun, trustees of 612 Fund, bail

The trustees of “612 Fund”, Wu Ayi (second from left), Chen Rizun (first from left), He Yunshi (first from right) and Xu Baoqiang (second from right) were arrested and granted bail before midnight. But was released. 11th. Associated Press

According to the reports,hong kongOver the past two days, police have arrested four trustees of the “612 Humanitarian Support Fund”, including Bishop Emeritus of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong Chen Rizun and singer Ho Yunshi. All four were released on bail before midnight of 11th. ,

According to local media reports, apart from Chen Rizun and Ho Yunshi, the other two people arrested are Wu Ayi, a former member of the Legislative Council, and Xu Baoqiang, a former associate professor at Lingnan University.

Police said the four were suspected of requesting a foreign country or foreign agency to impose sanctions on Hong Kong and endanger national security.

The four were taken to different police stations for questioning and were earlier released on bail subject to surrender of all travel documents.

According to reports, Xu Baoqiang was arrested at the airport on the evening of 10th. He was about to go abroad as a visiting scholar to a university.

Police told the media that the four arrested were in the age group of 45 to 90 and the arrests continued. As per tradition, the police usually do not release the names of those arrested.

In 2019, Pan-Democrats launched a massiveprocessionIn June of the same year, protests turned into demonstrations against the government’s amendments to the extradition law.send back“The movement, during which the protesters clashed with the police and many were arrested.

Pan-democratic political parties and groups later established related funds to help protesters arrested during the “anti-extradition” campaign through fundraising, such as hiring lawyers and litigation.

On August 18, 2021, the fund announced that it would no longer accept new endorsement cases, and would no longer use the bank accounts of custodian True Universal Suffrage Alliance. The Secretariat was dissolved on 31 October of the same year.

The True Alliance was formed in March 2013 by all-democratic political parties and groups with the goal of promoting the realization of “dual universal suffrage” for the Chief Executive and Legislative Council in Hong Kong.

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