“Honorable Ministers, speedy and speedy justice”: the children of Alejandra Cuevas were planted in the SCJN

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“Honorable Minister: Speedy and speedy justice”, he repeatedly shouted outside the Supreme Court of the Nation (SCJN), Ana Paula, Alonso and Gonzalo Castillo Cuevaso, the three children of Alejandra Cuevas (68 years old, Mexico City), who has been in prison for more than a year for the murder of the brother of Alejandro Gertz Manero, Attorney General of the Republic. The first judges to decide on his defense and complaint established several discrepancies in the charges against him. His case was brought by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) by order of the same Mexican prosecutor. On Wednesday, the relatives of the accused stood in front of the court. To demand that the prisoner’s case be followed, About which they still know nothing more.

“What we’re waiting for now is that they nominate who will be the minister, but to this day we don’t know, and so here we are, To ask the Supreme Court of the nation to settle the matter which is in their hands“, said to infobae Alonso Castillo, one of the children of Alejandra Cuevas.

In a symbolic gesture, Alejandra’s three children chained themselves to the entrance of the SCJN, “How we feel since my mother’s imprisonment,” shouted one of them, “That’s how we feel , by chains.”

Alejandra Cuevas’s children stood outside the country’s Supreme Court demanding that their mother’s case be followed by a 404-day prison term. (Karina Hernandez / Infobay Mexico, /)

404 days imprisonment

“We come to ask the ministers and the ministerial president, please hand over the file to the minister who will study the matter so that they can answer us soon,” said Gonzalo, one of the sons and according to Alejandra Cuevas, ” We need speedy and speedy justice, My mother has been imprisoned for 404 days… we appeal for fairness, we appeal for impartiality, for the excellence of the Supreme Court so that this oppression finally ends once and for all”.

On November 11, three magistrates were about to pronounce the verdict on his case, giving high chances of the accused‘s release. But on Monday night the 9th, things changed: The Federal Judicial Council informed Alejandra’s family that on the instructions of the Mexican prosecutor, her case had been sent to court to be resolved there.

Alonso Castillo then commented infobae The reason they gave him is that the prosecutor”Alejandro Gertz Manero requests the power of attraction of justice to the Supreme Court of the nation, which would delay the process of my mother in prison, risking her own life, as well as that of my entire family”.

Alejandra herself sent a message to Minister Zaldivar in which she explains that she experienced for the first time the extinction of laws and rights “,”Since it is not only the Attorney General of the Republic who committed crimes against me, but also the police, public ministries, who lied to the judges to obtain fraudulent offers.“Begging the Court” to put an end to this legal, moral and ethical tyranny.

Federico Gertz Manero - Mexico - Alejandro Gertz Manero - 19042021
Photo: Courtesy Castillo Family.

Since the end of October 2020, Alejandra Cuevas has been lodged in the Santa Martha Acetitla prison Accused of murder due to lapse in care of Federico Gertz, The sentimental partner of his mother Laura Moran, who is 94 years old. He was sentenced with a formal prison order, as confirmed last February by the Fourth Criminal Chamber of Mexico City’s Superior Court of Justice. The arguments with which the said sentence was issued referred to Alejandra as Federico’s guarantor, that is, the one who was in charge of their care. But the only one to play that role was his mother, Laura.,

This was considered by the Fifth District Judge of Amparo in Criminal Cases in what is now Mexico City, Patricia Díaz, noting that the arguments of the Fourth Chamber considered Alejandra Cuevas to be Federico Gertz Manero’s guarantor, were inconsistent with the testimony and evidence that was presented to justice, Then, roughly mid-September, he was granted an injunction that rescinded the arrest warrants against him and his mother. However, in late September, the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), headed by Alejandro Gertz Manero, challenged the appeal.

And it was this protection that Juan José Olvera López, Horacio Armando Hernández Orozco and Francisco Javier Sarabia Asencio, magistrates of the First Collegiate Court of Criminal Cases of the First Circuit of Mexico City, would discuss on November 11, which was attracted by SCJN.

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Alejandra Cuevas’s defense claimed that this change of course in the case was unacceptable, stating that Alejandro Gertz Manero is the party to accuse as an individual, that is, without the character of the prosecutor. Further, the protection provided to the accused is of an indirect nature. And finally, they point out, since it is a condition of a special nature, it is not of any importance to be treated in court.

The brother of the Mexican prosecutor died in September 2015. The autopsy practically pointed to the deterioration of his health as the cause of death., But Alejandro Gertz Manero accused Laura Moran – a partner of her brother for nearly five decades and then 88 years old – and his daughter Alejandra of murder because of a lapse of care for Federico.

The complaint was filed twice by the Justice of Mexico City. On both occasions it was concluded that there were no elements to evidence the responsibility of Laura Moran and Alejandra Cuevas in the death of Federico. But in 2020, after Alejandro Gertz Manero was appointed in charge of the Attorney General’s office, the case took a radical turn: The trial went ahead and charges were re-opened. Criminal action was taken on 25 September and arrest warrants were issued against both of them on 2 October., Alejandra Cuevas was arrested on October 16, 2020.

practically, Alejandra has been indicted for not attending Federico Gertz Manero while her health is deteriorating, However, for a person to be convicted of murder by omission, it must be proved that he was the guarantor of the victim, that is, in charge of his care. in this matter, that role was played only by Laura Morano Joe, within his capabilities and with the help of the health workers he had hired, took Federico for consultation and bought the prescribed medicines according to the statements of him and the witnesses.

It is important to note that, in order to charge the guarantor, the possibility of rescue must be taken into account. It refers to the physical possibility to act in the moment of danger. Laura Moran was 88 at the time,

Federal Judge Patricia Marcella Diaz, who granted Alejandra the emparo, The allegation against him is believed to be full of discrepancies., noting that there are no elements that identify him as the guarantor of the late Federico; There is evidence that, on the contrary, they provided him with the care he deserved; Only the prosecution’s charges were taken into account for sentencing, ignoring the defense’s attempts to present their contradictory evidence.

The SCJN indicated that once the presiding minister, Arturo Zaldivar, supported the above appeal request, it was submitted for the consideration of other ministers, who are members of the full court, to bring the case to review the emparoos of the accused. agreed to.

Ana Paula, Alonso and Gonzalo Castillo Cuevas, three children of Alejandra Cuevas, who have been in prison for more than a year, charged with murdering the brother of the Attorney General of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero.
Ana Paula, Alonso and Gonzalo Castillo Cuevas, three children of Alejandra Cuevas, who have been in prison for more than a year, charged with murdering the brother of the Attorney General of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero. (Karina Hernandez, Infobay Mexico /)

one life mission

Meanwhile, Alejandra Cuevas’s children try to transcend their mother’s cause. They are confident of their next release, but they don’t want to leave their crusade there, but want to help more people so that matters like their family life don’t recur.

Through a foundation that they would establish as a civil society with the name “Libertad Para Alejandra”, they would seek to “help those who are in prison without due process, with a team of lawyers who Let’s study each file,” he explained Ana Paula Castillo, daughter of Alejandra Cuevas, “we must look at it as a life mission; to transform suffering into something good, into something that helps”.

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