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Honorary Chairman of the All-China Federation of Taiwan Enterprises on the Kinmen shipwreck case: Taiwan needs to conduct a thorough review

Two Chinese fishermen died after a Chinese fishing boat capsized in Kinmen. The incident also led to an official confrontation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. The status quo of restricted waters in Kinmen has changed, and China continues to pursue accountability. In this regard, Guo Shanhui, honorary chairman of the All-China Federation of Taiwan Enterprises, believes that both sides of the Taiwan Strait, especially Taiwan, need to conduct a thorough review. He also said, “If the two sides do not continue Taiwan Strait dialogue and development, small incidents like this will create a world of mutual understanding and lack of understanding. There is no way to deal with the shameful situation.”

On the afternoon of the 24th, Guo Shanhui attended the “2024 Taiwanese Businessman New Year Party” organized by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council of China. When interviewed by the media, he referred to the Kinmen boat capsize case as an unexpected incident. Of course, he did not like to see such an accident happening, and it also cost the precious lives of some fishermen. “I think both sides of the Taiwan Strait, especially Taiwan, need to do a thorough review to see whether they have done a good job in terms of speed and transparency in settling cases.”

He mentioned that this was a single incident, but from this incident it can be seen that the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait are indeed important, because if the two sides do not continue dialogue and development, Small incidents like this will lead to mutual incomprehension, an awkward situation that I can’t handle. Therefore, it is everyone’s deep and profound hope that exchanges and development between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait can continue.

Chen Yimin, secretary general of the Federation of Industries, said on the matter that the industry is looking forward to peaceful development on both sides. “We also hope that both sides will communicate. We have many cultures and races in common.” things. Today, we can have more exchanges on both sides. “Talk, I think a lot of things can be solved.”

He believes that Taiwan also attaches great importance to this matter because they are all compatriots with the same culture and race. “We hope this matter can be resolved smoothly. We express our regrets to his family members here in Xiamen, and we also hope it will be resolved as soon as possible.” To meet their needs, I believe people on both sides will actively communicate to deal with this matter.”

Guo Shanhui also pointed out on the ECFA issue that the Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ie, the Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement) has been signed for more than ten years. Over the past ten years, it has played a significant role in removing trade barriers and promoting economic and trade cooperation. to develop. Before the signing of the agreement, cross-Strait economic and trade should be approximately US$160 billion, and grow to US$320 billion in 2023. This is certainly conducive to mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation between the two parties.

He emphasized that the ECFA is a matter that is beneficial to both sides of the Taiwan Strait. If it is not implemented, it will be a bad thing for both sides of the Taiwan Strait. “I think we should actively negotiate to continue the ECFA. Not only trade in goods, but also trade in services should be up and developed.”



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