Hourly News/24 Houses Destroyed by Wildfire in Rich Area of ​​Orange County

A Laguna Niguel resident cries without tears as he hugs his pet cat as he stands in front of a burned-out house. (The Associated Press)

Welcome to the World Hourly Newsletter in the South, May 13californiaIn Laguna Niguel, a thriving coastal region of Orange County, a wildfire code-named Coastal Fire broke out on the afternoon of the 11th, destroying more than 24 homes. The Chicago Police Department said the body of the woman found on Lake Michigan on the 10th was that of Brookson, an Asian women’s college student. California Governor Newsom was due to release the financial plan for the new year on the 13th.DisneyThere are still difficulties with distribution of the film in China, but box office earnings are low. The country has been shaken by the leak of the Federal Supreme Court draft. A man was charged and arrested by a federal grand jury on May 13 at the Diamond Bar in Los Angeles County. Recently, there have been rumors on the Internet that China’s border defense has strengthened personnel exit inspections.American electric vehicle manufacturerTeslaCEO Elon Musk is trying to expand global sales of electric vehicles.

(1) A massive wildfire destroyed 24 mansions in a prosperous region of Orange County

(2) Missing Asian female college student in Chicago swims in Lake Michigan, where her boyfriend is missing

(3) next year’s wage increase California minimum wage is 15.5 yuan per hour, the highest in the United States

(4) Disney’s CEO said that “it can be successful even without the Chinese market”?

(5) Abortion rights are frequent, 2 governors urged to protect judges’ residence

(6) Luo Nan faces two federal charges of 20 years in prison

(7) China strictly restricts the entry and exit of citizens, netizens bomb the country

(8) Musk has another high-tech trick, Tesla moved to Indonesia to diversify supply chain risks

California Disney Tesla

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Congress candidate Mehmood interviewed in support of women’s right to abortion

Los Angeles.

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