Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Hourly News / Repeated killings of transgender women who rape and murder girls can drag on Jascon

Transgender woman Tubbs appears in court for murder and robbery. (KTLA)

Welcome to World Hour News on May 12th. A transgender man has repeatedly committed the crime, but Jaskon previously insisted that the defendant was only months away from turning 18 when he committed the crime. He was released from prison after serving only two years in prison. A dark-haired man attacked a lonely woman, causing her to lose consciousness. The fire in Laguna Niguel destroyed more than 20 houses.

(1) Transgender women who rape girls and have a history of dacoity and murder can be a drag on Jaskan

(2) The woman was walking alone on the road and a man strangled her neck to death

(3) The Laguna Niguel wildfire destroyed at least 20 mansions in Orange County, Southern California

(4) Beware of those fleeing? China’s demand: Strict ban on non-essential outdoor activities

(5) 400,000 real estate in Los Angeles can only buy 619 square feet

(6) Social Security could grow 8.6% next year, with a maximum average increase of 142 yuan in 42 years

(7) Chinese people are looking for work to repair the roof, and the labor cost is 5,500 yuan per day.

(8) American can not be compared? Musk praises Chinese workers for “working overtime until 3 a.m.”

Of earlier

Los Angeles County Sheriff Seizes More than $3 Million in Methamphetamine, Fentanyl

Los Angeles.

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