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Houston U.S. for Worst Traffic Jam ranked 10th in

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ABC 13 reports that new research released by auto insurer Hyroad has revealed thathoustonRanked 10th in the list of cities with the worst traffic jams in the United States. Chicago tops the list, followed by New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, Oregon and San Francisco.


The company assesses urban traffic conditions based on two factors: traffic delays due to traffic congestion, and the number of tweets complaining about traffic. Except Houston,TexasNo other city made the top ten.

In addition, I-69/Southwest Highway, ranked 10th on HiRoad’s list of the worst highways in the United States, caused the most driver complaints in tweets.

Of course, the highway cannot take full responsibility for Houston’s traffic problems. In 2021, I-45 is the second deadliest highway in the country, and I-10 is the 12th deadliest. In 2019, I-610 was ranked fifth in the country on the truck driver’s list of most congested highways. The West Loop Freeway/I-610 tops the list of most congested freeways in Texas in 2021.

In a report released last year, it targeted the drivers who waste the most time in traffic.CapitalDistrict Studies, Houston ranks third, behind only New York and Boston.

“Houston is at a turning point in transportation planning,” Houston-Galveston Regional Council transportation manager Adam Becom said in March.

However, Houston isn’t the only Texas city to appear in HiRoad’s data. Fort Worth ranks seventh for tweets related to “stress” from drivers.

In that same Twitter analysis, the biggest problem with driving Texans was speeding. About 52 percent of tweets on the subject were considered “stressful.” According to the analysis, Wednesday was the most stressful day on the streets of Texas.

HiRoad vice president Steve Harris said that in most states, traffic is considered the most annoying problem, and in general, bad weather is the most stressful for drivers.



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