How did it happen that Luis Gerardo Mendez gained more than 11 kg for “Narcos: Mexico”

U.S.A.How did it happen that Luis Gerardo Mendez gained...

The famous actor reveals that he almost didn’t get a role in the famous Netflix series

Luis Gerardo Mendez was part of the third season of Narcos: Mexico, a Netflix series that portrays the political context of several decades of the said region and talks about some of the country’s most famous drug traffickers and criminal gangs.

In the most recent installment, the actor starred as a border policeman who, after several unknowns, began an investigation into the murders of women in the 1990s in Ciudad Juárez. However, one of his biggest challenges was getting the weight he needed for the character.

“I knew I needed professional help to gain weight. I Wasn’t Thinking About Destroying My Body And Spoke To Some Nutritionists And Trainers first to get as much information as possible”, told the actor Men’s magazine.

Thus, the Mexican, who was on the verge of not getting the role due to his slim appearance, embarked on a whole process to have a prominent abs.

Luis Gerardo Méndez had to gain 13 kilos to play Victor Tapia (Photo: Instagram / @luisgerardom)
Luis Gerardo Méndez had to gain 13 kilos to play Victor Tapia (Photo: Instagram / @luisgerardom)

“Then I started eating about 7,000 to 8,000 calories a day., a little over the usual 2,000. It was a lot of food. First of all it’s fun eating ice cream, pasta and pizza. But after four days, it dawns on you. He ate a lot more than before. I was also drinking this 2,000 calorie shake between meals,” he mentioned.

When he agreed to participate in the series, Mendez believed he would only have to live with that aspect for a short time, however, the health contingency due to COVID-19 that paralyzed the world, also put him in a complicated situation. ,

“When I signed up I thought I’d have to keep it up for six months. But then the pandemic happened and it was over in a year and a half. I was locked up in Tulum, eating everything I could could do I usually take good care of myself so it was a really interesting and challenging experience: See how that kind of weight gain and constant eating can affect your psyche “, expressed the artist.

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Likewise, he pointed out that the weight was somewhat important to the role’s representation, because, over the course of the series, the policeman he represented has a difficult process linked to the harsh reality he faces every day. , while trying to find a young man. The woman who worked in a maquila in the state.

“As far as my character is concerned, I wanted to make sure I could represent the weight of the soul. Every night this man goes into a dangerous world, which is under all this economic pressure,” he said.

The artist expressed his interest in these issues in the series popular in the country and (Photo: Instagram / @luisgerardom)
The artist expressed his interest in these issues in the series popular in the country and (Photo: Instagram / @luisgerardom)

I went through a very serious training program because it was all about gaining as much mass as possible. This cop is not just a bomb. He is a tough guy who is able to handle himself too and has a few extra pounds to work with.

Luis Gerardo recalls his participation in the film bayonet Where he played the role of a boxer whose physique was extremely athletic.

“A few years back, I did a boxing film where I learned to throw a really good punch. This time I was doing it with a different body typeSo I had to make some adjustments,” he said.

In addition to the murder of women in Ciudad Juárez, the . third season of Narcos: Mexico tells the story of “NarcoJuniors””, trying to show what was behind the wave of ongoing violence. Shows various problems such as violence against journalists and fighting between the Tijuana and Sinaloa Cartels.

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