How did Roy backfire on the Republicans?

However, many Republicans are reluctant to discuss abortion directly. During the campaign, according to a memo to the National Republican Senate Committee obtained by Axios, GOP leaders are encouraging GOP candidates to focus on economic, criminal, and border issues.

Democratic Senator Jane Jordan, who is running for Georgia’s attorney general, said she hopes abortion rights will overcome other issues as a top priority for voters.

Earlier, Ms Jordan said she was campaigning on issues related to the cost of living and vowing to be tough on price rises. She said the leaked Supreme Court opinion “completely changed the conversation.”

“I think fundamental rights are a little more than just the everyday economic problems that people are talking about,” Ms Jordan said.

In the divided states and congressional districts of the country, many liberal voters are choosing themselves between the Democrats who have disappointed themselves since taking office in 2021 and the Republicans who have recently boldly set a moderate social agenda. , Has severely embarrassed many voters. ,

This could be a big challenge for Republicans as they try to win back the middle and middle-right factions that drove Republicans out of Atlanta and Philadelphia to Minneapolis – Trump and the American suburbs. – Up to Sri Lanka and Salt Lake City – Changed temporarily. Political desert for at least one party. These migrations are particularly evident in constituencies where white women, especially those with a centrist and Republican leanings, support abortion rights with minor restrictions.

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