How Much Does Canelo Alvarez Earn When He Was on Televisa

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Canelo lvarez had exclusivity with Televisa for four years. (Photos: Instagram @ canelo // Televisa)

Saul Alvarez He has been in the headlines of Mexican sports for a long time. Their fights have already become a Saturday night tradition. that road started from afar 2005, When Canelo His first fight as a professional was barely 15 years,

Everything has happened in Alvarez’s career since then. Year after year, the boxer from Guadalajara has managed to climb the ranks of the prestigious boxing organization charts. The challenges are not seeming to stop and now he is out in search of the Taj. Peso Crusero, formerly Ilunga Macaboo, that I can prove it as world champion Feather Five different categories.

But every path has a starting point. In the case of Saul, early in his career, televisa This meant a strong boost both in the media and financially. Rafael Mendoza placeholder imageMILF Promoter Canelo During the early years of his career, he declared economist He televisa signed in 2010 An exclusive contract with Sal in exchange for four years USD 1 million,

Alvarez has only lost one fight in his entire career.  (Photo: Caroline Brehmann / EFE)
Alvarez has only lost one fight in his entire career. (Photo: Caroline Brehmann / EFE)

amount was paid every month and in Mexican Peso, Thus, according to Mendoza, Alvarez obtained mxn 250 thousand monthly During this period 2010-2014. In addition, the company Emilio Azcarraga Jean He paid Guadalajara 200 thousand pesos for each battle. In the event that his presence in the company program was required, an additional amount was to be provided to the fighter.

Since 2010, in the years in which the contract was entered into force, Alvarez had 14 fights. Therefore, he entered some 2.8 million pesos for disputed disputes. At that time, Alvarez was only a promising young boxing player. Today, eleven years away, he has established himself as one of the most admired stars by fans, promoters and collaborators. This situation turns into an advantage: only in his last fight, against Caleb Plante, did the Mexican charge. 40 million USD, According to Mike Koppinger D ESPN,

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agreement with televisa abruptly ended 2014, a report in a magazine tvnotes, which had the editorial seal of televisa, caused annoyance to Saul Alvarez and his team. In the end, he decided to leave the exclusivity with the Chapultepec company. then in 2015, the return of Canelo On screen who saw her take birth: tv aztec, a company in which he remains to this day, although has also been seen in most of his feuds televisa,

Currently, the Mexican holds four world championships in the super middleweight category.  (Photo: Caroline Brehmann / EFE)
Currently, the Mexican holds four world championships in the super middleweight category. (Photo: Caroline Brehmann / EFE)

Canelo lived some of the most important moments of his career during the phase that distinguished him televisa, In 2011, he defeated the British to win his first world title. Matthew Hatton get more belts CMB by category superwelter, two years later, in 2013, alvarez beat Austin Trout, to win the Super Welterweight Championship of with, During 2012 They had successful defenses, against which Shane Mosley and Joseito Lopez.

that was the highest moment ever Canelo under the protection of televisa came in September 2013, when he encountered Floyd Mayweather Jr., Funds He defeated the Mexican and gave them the first and only defeat of his award-winning career. Canelo I was 23 years in that moment. Floyd himself admitted at last week’s conference CMBHe, being the same age as Alvarez, might have been the result of something else.

far from first stumbling Pennies, Alvarez built a solid career that ended with total hegemony in the world championships and super middle players in four divisions.

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