How to Get Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code: The Official Method for OB34 Access

The OB34 update for Free Fire is getting closer and I believe it will be released later this month. The game’s community is eager to arrive due to the potential introduction of content based on Anitta co-ops.

Additionally, Advance Server, the test server, is scheduled to go live today. Gamers will be allowed to try out new features and get an overview before deploying them in the final release.

However, it must be noted that players will not be able to access the Free Fire OB34 Advance servers unless they have an activation code. The next section will provide more information on getting it.

Details on how players can get the Free Fire Advance server activation code (OB34)

Free Fire Advance servers can only handle a limited number of players, so activation codes are not distributed to everyone. The only way to get it is to complete the registration process that started a few days ago.

So gamers can go ahead and register themselves for a chance to receive this specific code:

step 1: First, the user must visit the Free Fire Advance Server website. They can access the page by clicking this URL.

Players can use either of these two methods (image via Garena)

Step 2: Next, the individual must choose between two available options displayed on the screen – “Sign in with Facebook” and “Sign in with Google.” After selecting the one they want, they can enter their credentials and log in.

All these details have to be entered into the text fields (image via Garena)
All these details have to be entered into the text fields (image via Garena)

Step 3: A form will then appear where the player must enter these details in the text boxes:

1) name

2) Email address

3) Phone number

Step 4: Finally, they can click the “Join Now” button to complete the registration. Later, gamers can wait for the developer’s response to the code.

It should be noted that there is no alternative workaround available to players to obtain an activation code. Only Garena can provide them with this code.

Advanced Server Timeline

Here's the timeline for the premium server (image via Garena)
Here’s the timeline for the premium server (image via Garena)

Here are the exact dates for Free Fire Advance server features:

Start date: May 12, 2022

End date: May 23, 2022

During this time, players will download the APK file and review the features. This will be a different client than the regular version of the game. Also, participants will lose all progress made in it.

notes: Due to the ban imposed by the government, users from India should avoid downloading or playing Free Fire. Instead, they can play MAX versions that aren’t on the restricted apps list.

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