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How to use Whatsapp on a landline

how to use whatsapp on landline

Although mobile phones are the main means of communication today, There are still many people who have landlines at home. HOne way to take advantage of this phone is to use it with the W.HusapBecause the app allows you to connect fixed lines to your system.

Before we get into how to connect WhatsApp to a home phone, it’s worth noting that their linking process can be a bit complicated since they can’t receive text messages. However, that doesn’t mean you should lose interest in finding uses for it, as the messaging platform also allows you to complete the verification process over the phone.

This is when creating a new account, WhatsApp needs to verify the phone number, that’s why as a first indication, if the app is already downloaded on the phone and on the mobile device connected to the line, then You must download the pro version Ability to connect it to a landline. Notably, WhatsApp Business is completely free and available for iOS and Android.

Likewise, if you plan to use a landline number on your phone, you don’t need to download the commercial version, as the standard version will suffice as long as it’s not linked to a mobile phone line. One last clarification before starting these steps is that this WhatsApp can only be used when connected to a Wi-Fi network, as the number in question is fixed and data cannot be used.

First, it’s worth mentioning that the process isn’t particularly complicated, and is similar to setting up a WhatsApp account on a phone, with the following steps to follow.

1. The landline is connected and working

2. Download and open the WhatsApp Business app from your phone.

3. Tap the “Accept and Continue” button.

4. After selecting a call option, select Use another number.

5. Enter the fixed phone number and click “Next”

6. After confirming that the phone number is correct, click “OK”.

7. At this point, you need to wait at least a minute for the “Call me” option to be enabled, and when you’re done, touch there.

8. Now WhatsApp will make a call to the landline, so you have to answer and enter the assigned series of numbers and enter them into the WhatsApp Business app during the verification step.

Most users will look for tricks to change the look of their messages, such as sending text in bold, underline or italics, but the ability to type first “wows them”, and it’s so easy to use and the app is incredible. No download required.

Follow these instructions to write backwards on WhatsApp

1. First, the user has to open the WhatsApp application on his phone.

2. After that, any conversation or group will be opened.

3. As a third step, you need to log in to the website from the browser on the device.

4. On the website, two text boxes will appear, in the one above the “Flip Text” button, you need to enter the message you want to send.

5. After entering all the text, the user will get the title text in the second box.

6. The last step is to simply copy the text and send it to the desired contact.

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