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Hualien earthquake Japanese expert: There is a possibility of a major earthquake in Okinawa too

A strong earthquake of 7.2 magnitude occurred in Hualien this morning.JapanEarthquakeScientific experts said an earthquake of similar intensity was likely to hit Okinawa and called on the public to raise awareness about disaster prevention.

Mamoru Nakamura, a professor at the Faculty of Science at the University of the Ryukyus, said in an interview with Ryukyu TV that the earthquake was a “reverse fault type” earthquake. The rock plate on the ocean floor rose upward, triggering earthquakes and tsunamis. Okinawa, which is located near the epicenter of this earthquake, should pay special attention.

The Japanese government estimates that the probability of a major earthquake of magnitude 7 to 7.5 occurring in the area around Yonaguni Island within 30 years in 2022 is more than 90%. In addition, according to the earthquake prediction map released by the Japanese government in 2020, the probability of a major earthquake with a seismic intensity of 6 or greater on the main island of Okinawa within 30 years is 26%.

Mamoru Nakamura said that like the strong earthquake in Taiwan, there is a possibility of earthquake and tsunami in Okinawa and people should prepare accordingly. In addition to ensuring the safety of the building, objects that are at risk of falling on top of the house must also be secured.

Additionally, terrain structures may cause tsunami waves to rise, increasing the amplitude. Don’t be careless just because the tsunami is only 30 centimeters. He also told that to avoid tsunami, instead of running away, one should choose a nearby tall building.

In response to the Hualien earthquake, the Japan Meteorological Agency warned that similar earthquakes could occur in the future. A staff member at the meteorological agency said: “Especially in the next 2 or 3 days, there will be many large-scale earthquakes.” If a major earthquake occurs under the sea, special attention should be paid to the occurrence of a tsunami, and the public is reminded to prepare in advance and understand when a tsunami warning is issued. Evacuation route.



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