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Hualien earthquake White House: Continue to pay attention and stand ready to assist

0403 for Hualien UniversityEarthquake,white HouseNational Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson said on the 3rd that the United States is paying attention to reports of the earthquake in Taiwan and continues to pay attention to its potential impact on Japan; The United States stands ready to provide any necessary assistance and prays for those affected.

Regarding the impact of the Hualien earthquake on advanced chip manufacturing, White House spokesman John Kirby said the current concern is the safety of people in the area as well as the potential consequences and effects of the earthquake and the security of the United States. The State is in touch with the concerned authorities, will provide any necessary assistance at any time; The current focus is on the safety of human life, not potential economic impacts or high-tech issues.

Kirby said the United States prays for those affected and will continue to follow developments in the earthquake’s aftermath.

White House spokesman John Kirby. European News Agency



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