Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Hundreds of super cute dogs return to San Francisco for Beach Corgi convention

Hundreds of short-legged pets gather this weekendSan FranciscoOcean Beach (Ocean Beach) on the west coast, has their paw prints everywhere on the beach. After a three-year wait, Corgi Con is back in San Francisco this weekend.

A favorite among San Francisco pet lovers, this event attracts hundreds of corgis and thousands of pet dogs each year. The Corgi Convention was established in 2013 and is usually held in July and October each yearEpidemicThe event had to be put on hold for three years due to the effects of the pandemic.

Pet owners work very hard to keep their dogs looking beautiful. Pet owner Suki Lee dresses up her corgi as Baby Yoda. “I’m a Star Wars reader, and Baby Yoda looks so cute in swaddling clothes, it inspired me to dress it up like that,” she said.

The most famous animal star present was a corgi named Gatsby. The YouTube account, run by owner Ryan Lang, has more than 280,000 subscribers, and fans queue up throughout the day on Saturday. Team photo with Gatsby.

Many pet owners visiting the beach were attending a Corgi convention for the first time. They were attracted by the calm and joyful atmosphere of the scene, and some pet owners even exchanged the experience of raising their pets with each other. Jesse Liu said: “It’s a pleasure to enjoy the sun and the beach with so many people who love corgis, share interesting things in each other’s lives and become friends. We keep in touch with each other.” Also leave information, corgis is our forever subject.”

The event began at ten in the morning, and for the first two hours of the convention, corpses were moving among the crowd, visiting the site with their owner, and taking photographs of the crowd. In the afternoon, the organizers organized interesting activities like corgi races and ninja warriors and the atmosphere of the activities reached its peak.

Pet owners work very hard to keep their dogs looking beautiful. (Courtesy of Jesse Liu)


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