Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Husband and wife met with Google Street View car, laughingly said ‘alternate achievement achieved’

Netizens met Google Street View cars on the road and achieved the feat of “alternate Street View photos”. The picture is taken from the public version of the Explosive Waste Commune

GoogleStreet View includes real-world images from around the world as well as the occasional hilarious imagery. A few days ago, a netizen posted a post on “Explosion and Waste Commune Public Edition” and mentioned that he and his wife saw a Google Street View car on the side of the road, and quickly compared “YA” to his wife. called to. Street View Achievement”.

A netizen posted a few days ago that when he returned to the parking lot from work one day, his wife went to look for him and saw a Google Street View car. He told his wife to quickly compare “YA” to the street Show car. After a while, I found out that it was indeed photographed, and posted a hashtag that read with a smile: “Alternative Street View photos achieved feat.”

Many netizens shared their views, “This is really interesting, it should be widely circulated”, “Luckily it’s my wife”, “It’s too late to hide…”, “You know it Can’t find it.” Some netizens said they have encountered Street View cars before, “I used to play even when Street View cars passed by!”, “I was so excited when I was photographed for the first time and took a screenshot as a souvenir Gone, but I didn’t feel it after that. I was photographed 3 times”, “It’s really gonna be in the mirror, and I’ve found myself twice.”


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