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Hyundai announced a new SUV electric vehicle concept car at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021. The concept car, named “SEVEN,” has everything from a rotating lounge seat to an interior that the company calls “hygienic.” In this era, which is the third year since the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection, it seems to be a suitable function.

As the name implies, a concept car is a study of creativity and technology that shows the potential of future cars. Therefore, the cars announced as concept cars at the motor show will not necessarily be lined up at dealers in the future. However, Hyun-dae has now shown the concept of a full-size SUV on a platform that can actually be purchased at dealers.

Concept: Hygienic interior

Not only Hyundai but many automakers are showing off a concept car with a lounge-like interior and a seat that rotates 360 degrees in preparation for the day when a fully self-driving car will actually become a thing for the masses. There is. However, the unique feature of the SEVEN concept is its hygienic interior function.

First, the “Hygiene Airflow” system separates the airflow between the front and rear occupants. The air taken in from the intake provided on the roof rail flows from top to bottom in the car and is discharged from the vent behind the rear wheel, which Hyundai calls “vertical mode”. When you switch this to “horizontal mode”, a mode we consider to be general car ventilation, the air moves from front to back. According to Hyundai, the system is inspired by the advanced systems used in aircraft and works both while driving and stopped.

Image Credit: Abigail Bassett

In the future, self-driving cars will be shared by multiple people, so Hyun-dae not only regulated the air flow, but also showed the concept of cleaning the inside of the car while passengers change. The new coronavirus is transmitted through respiratory droplets and aerosols and can survive for hours on any surface, including fabrics, making it a very real concern in times of viral infection.

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SEVEN is equipped with a UV-C sterilization cycle that is performed after passengers get out of the car. UV-C (ultraviolet C wavy) has the effect of sterilizing air, water, and non-porous surfaces, and kills the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the causative virus of the new coronavirus infection, when FDA (American Foods) It has been reported from Pharmaceuticals). However, UV-C light can burn eyes and skin, so all occupants must be taken out of the car before running the program.

In addition to vertical airflow and UV-C sterilization, Hyundae has taken some interesting steps, such as using antibacterial copper and sanitized fabrics for the interior to further prevent future virus spread.

SEVEN is also equipped with a “shoe care compartment” that cleans and deodorizes passengers’ shoes.

Actual charging and cruising range

This SEVEN concept is based on Hyundai’s electric vehicle platform “Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP)”. This platform will be used by other vehicles of the Hyundai Motor Group, including Hyundai’s crossover electric vehicle “Ioniq 5” and KIA’s new electric vehicle “EV6”. It is also adopted by. It will also be the basis for future electric vehicles from the group’s luxury car brand, Genesis.

The platform is capable of supporting both 400V and 800V fast charging, and for the actual Ioniq 5 on the market, a 350kW DC quick charger will drain the battery from 10% within 20 minutes. It can be charged up to 80%. According to Hyundae, the company’s large 77.4kWh battery pack makes it possible to achieve a cruising range of more than 300 miles on a single charge.

Most of the concept cars are vaporware, but Hyundai’s SEVEN concept is an interesting design that combines imagination and reality, suggesting the company’s future means of transportation.

Image Credit: Abigail Bassett

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