I Am Great Battles: Celia Cruz dances to Maury Stern in the middle of her performance and gets an ovation from the jury

U.S.A.I Am Great Battles: Celia Cruz dances to Maury...

Maury Stern began dancing with a performance by Celia Cruz. (Photo: Capture TV)

in the latest version of I am the great war Celia Cruz impersonator Joseph Sanz appeared. During their presentation, the four jury members could not help but move to the rhythm of the music. It was Maury Stern who got up from her chair.

Before her presentation, Karen Schwarz said that thanks to the competition, the impersonator was able to create her own orchestra. Today they will be on stage with me”Singer revealed.

“These scenarios changed my life forever. I am very grateful to Latina Television and to each of you who have given me your support. That has led to the great results I have today.”He gestured when he came on stage.

The Peruvian impersonator decided to confront Ricardo Arjona with the song “Kimbara”. During her staging, the jury members were surprised by her resemblance to the Cuban singer. They also started dancing.

Maury Stern was one of the people who enjoyed the show the most, as he stood up twice and didn’t hesitate to show off his dancing skills., In the end, George Henderson, Katia Palma, Janic McKetta and Maury Stern stood up to applaud Celia Cruz.

After hearing the other impersonator sing a medley of “Tell Me What and When”, the jurors reported that the fight had been the best fight ever. “I think it’s the best fight I’ve ever seen”, the comedian began to say. Likewise, he only had words of praise for both imitators.

“Joseph you arrived with a force, full of detail and with a presentation that I have never seen before in your earlier productions. Very good, you are very complete. Great presentation, congratulations. Ricardo Arjona, you Do an impeccable job, you say a lot with your gaze because it is penetrating. You are to me Ricardo Arjona”, I continue to comment on Katia Palma.

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For his part, the former Magneto member insisted that he really enjoyed the show. “Celia is the most amazing evolution I’ve lived through these seasons, I haven’t found anything you’ve achieved in me today. From loving it so much to making my head explode. Impressive and what a beauty that you’re here”, he sentenced.

In the end, the winner of the night could not be selected due to running out of time. On November 24, it will be known which of the two continues to fight for the Grand Prize.

Eduardo Franco Was Excited To Imitator Tears

Chinchano interpreter Pepe Saguma last Monday, November 22, I am the great war, With an imitation of the Uruguayan singer Eduardo Franco, he managed to have a chair of the Holy Ones.

The singer encountered Eleazar Pez from Venezuela, who was imitating Christian Yapen. When the two finished singing, it was the jury’s turn for comments which were made George Henderson, Katia Palma, Janic McKetta and Maury Stern.

During the vote, Eduardo Franco was elected by Henderson, Palma and Macetta, while Stern voted for the Christian Yaipen impersonator.

Eduardo Franco could not hide his feelings when he was anointed. “This is my life, [se lo dedico a] My family, Chincha that I love very much. Trust me, I won’t let you down. Even at this age I have a roof to dream about, yo soy changed my life”he said excitedly.

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