I Cago de Risa: All About the Reunion of “The Dysfunctional Family”

U.S.A.I Cago de Risa: All About the Reunion of...

Passive family reunions will take place at an event (Photo: Instagram / @mecaigoderisaof)

After seven seasons, 75 episodes and five episodes of the gala, the comedy program i miss laughing Its finale was aired on 9 May. the day that the cast became passive family announced that it would last season And that all will devote himself to other television projects.

where did it end Deeply nostalgic for fans of i miss laughing, since it was on air from 2014 and he fell in love with such characters Michelle RodriguezMILF Fasie, Yuremo And Mariazel.

After several months of silence, the event’s official Instagram account announced a week ago that i miss laughing return to, the next day, it was announced that The telethon will be the event that will witness the long-awaited reunion.

Sunday 9 May was its last broadcast (Photo: Screenshot Instagram / @mecaigoderisaof)
Sunday 9 May was its last broadcast (Photo: Screenshot Instagram / @mecaigoderisaof)

“See it With the inactive family on December 4th at 9am Live for @teletonmexicooficial”, you can read in the Instagram post. Although the announcement did not say that they are working on an eighth season, the news left the viewers of the show happy.

what good news! He made my week a happy one”, “Best news I could get today And “they must be a certain program” were some of the messages that filled the publication’s comment box. In this video, which is only a few seconds long, it was specified that the special will be broadcast 4th December at 9:00 am on the channel Stars.

This November 25, the official account of i miss laughing revealed an important detail about the reunion, as they announced via a tentative story that tilted phase will return, which saw many laughs and both fell from passive family as your guests.

The program announced that a specific element would return to the program (Photo: Instagram / @mecaigoderisaof)
The program announced that a specific element would return to the program (Photo: Instagram / @mecaigoderisaof)

It is yet to be confirmed whether, in addition to participating in the telethon, the comedy show will be producing its eighth season. Last time A member of The Dysfunctional Family talks about this topic It was then that Fizzy premiered his reality show called Fancy Nights.

fancy nights Unicable Came to the Past june, 15, the first broadcast began with a “press conference” where the host answered questions from the public; was among them Ricardo Malagraf, Whosoever . asked about the eighth season of I fall down laughing.

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Faced with this question, Fassi responded: “Sure it will, but we don’t know when and with whom”

He is the host of Fassie Nights (Photo: Instagram / @faisirrito)
He is the host of Fassie Nights (Photo: Instagram / @faisirrito)

according to the page of canal 5, sign of televisa Where this comedy program was broadcast, the host assured that, in any case, the broadcast fancy nights they won’t interrupt possible development From I fall down laughing.

He also expressed that he was in a position to shoot both programs at the same time, so it is very likely that the end of season 7 i miss laughing I would not mark last period of this program.

The head behind Me Caigo de Risa clarified at the time that the eighth season would not be produced so as not to over-exploit the material:

He created several special chapters in the program (Photo: Twitter @MeCaigoDeRisa)
He created several special chapters in the program (Photo: Twitter @MeCaigoDeRisa)

“Since last year even we’ve done it non-stop, the sixth and seventh seasons were hits. We did over 75 shows, plus Feast of Five. i think it’s time to relax the formatexpressed, producer eduardo suarezo Before elements of the press in May.

Suarez also assured that he is grateful to the public who continue to ask for the event organized by Fazzi, but clarified that this 2021. In The new program will not be possible.

“We are also at the expense of what the company says, and as we understand this year, There’s no room for me to fall from laughter, it will be for him 2022The producer said, after thanking the public for their interest in the famous improvisation programme, therefore, despite the claims of the Facie and telethon event, NS the fate of I fall down laughing.

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