“I Can’t Have A Baby Like This”: Yahir Attends Therapy Because Of Tristan’s Addictions And Intimate Video

U.S.A."I Can't Have A Baby Like This": Yahir Attends...

Yahir told that he will not support his son Tristan until he decides to change (Photo: SPECIAL)

Tristan Othon Fierros, turned out to be the first son of the famous singer Academy, yahiroSince revisiting the media and social networks, reportedly overcoming his drug addiction, has caused countless controversies.

In various interviews, as well as in his personal accounts, he clarified many situations. in the first instance, found out she is bisexual via live broadcast on his Instagram account.

“I’m gay? i’m not gay, I’m a bisexual person, let’s drop the label, man. There is something beyond this point, love, man, generous because you have to live. I don’t consider myself a gay person, I don’t even consider myself a heterosexual person, I consider myself a bisexual person and this is perfect for me”, he explained early in his life.

He later assured what would be his future: to become an adult video actor with his boyfriend. Axel Martinez. this dream came true Last November 5, when from his Twitter account, He published that his first sex video was already available on the exclusive content platform. However, a few days later it was leaked by many netizens. Those who had access to it took the opportunity to record the screen and share this intimate material.

Tristan Othan and her boyfriend are dedicated to uploading intimate content to social networks (Photo: Instagram / @tristan_gs)
Tristan Othan and her boyfriend are dedicated to uploading intimate content to social networks (Photo: Instagram / @tristan_gs)

However, these actions and statements did not go down well with his father, who, weeks after learning of the whole situation and asked his son to unconditionally support, He assured that he would go to therapy to overcome the problems that his first born son has caused him. During this time, it remains codependent with him.

“My son needs to be clean because he is one person when he is not on drugs and he is another person when he is using (…) I am completely codependent and am taking and following my therapy”, said the former academic for the Microphone of the Ventanendo program.

also confirmed that You find yourself “living in a nightmare” Because Tristan got into drugs again, regardless of the requests she made, he would not accept and support the position because “he doesn’t want anyone to know anything.”

“I feel like I’m living in a nightmare. I’m definitely saddened by an addiction-ridden son, coming back again after a long time and after a long, long time of fighting, I am with a sick son who is in trouble again and has nothing to do with anyone. He wants us to accept him the same way with everything and his addiction, but the truth is that I cannot have such a child,” Yahir explained.

Yahir assures that he has hidden the whole matter from his mother and grandmother (Photo: Instagram / @tristan_gss)
Yahir assures that he has hidden the whole matter from his mother and grandmother (Photo: Instagram / @tristan_gss)

On the subject of adult cinema, he indicated that “They don’t have words to express their pain” to get to know those who are in the present, Faced with this question, he mentioned that he educated Tristan with values, which he has broken with every statement and action he has made in the past month.

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“Last time I spoke to him he told me to accept it all, but I can’t accept it for so many things and for my values, This is not the world I taught him. I always taught family to be loving and united. I come from a family where everyone is very close and we still are. He doesn’t want to be a part of that world, that’s right‘ he announced with a hoarse expression.

In the end, he pointed out that He has tried everything possible to hide this from his family.Well, now she has to raise her youngest son, Ian, while also supporting his mother and grandmother. He also said that the only way he would support his son would be if he was afraid of the decision to step down and change his lifestyle.

“He is the one who has to change. You have to change this situation, believe. Trust us, all the love, count on our support, but He has to step in, who wants to change and realizes that things are wrong, that is, I am here, I always have been. He is my treasure, my first son and my priority (…) there I am trying to hide things and trying to hide these things, ”he declared.

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