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“I miss you very much in Leshan” sichuan xiaodian internet red street sign hotly discussed

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“I miss you very much in Shanghai”, “I miss you very much in Nanning”, “The wind of your disappearance still blows in Changsha”… Recently, punching cards have been a craze all over China , and the series of “I miss you” road signs have suddenly become popular. Arise, but some people question whether such road signs are obedient? There is also concern that it could affect pedestrian safety or be unnecessarily misleading.


According to Red Star News, this romantic wind has also spread in Leshan, Sichuan. Some businesses have installed road signs such as “I miss you in Leshan” and “I like you in Leshan, and I like you more in this city”. Many young people to check-in.

Leshan Urban Management Department said that according to the rules, it is prohibited to write, paint and post advertisements, wall newspapers, slogans and posters without authorization on urban roads, buildings (structures), trees and other facilities. , belongs to a particular type of advertising facilities, and will strengthen guidance, regulation and management according to the actual situation.

A creative street sign stands in front of a restaurant named “Mong Kok BBQ Restaurant” in Leshan City. Small light bulbs twinkle around the pillar. This road sign looks like a street sign with white letters on a blue background, but it has the words, “I like Leshan, and I like you more in this town.” I do.”

Why did you think of installing such a street sign? According to reports, Mr. Yee, the owner of the barbecue restaurant, said that he saw on the Internet that other cities have these types of road signs, and the text content is different. You can also send this statement to your friends. or family.

Mr. Yi ordered the road signs from the Internet and spent 600 and 700 yuan in total. Mr. Yi said that during this period, 40 to 50 people came to check-in every day, mostly young people, including several couples. Everyone was overjoyed to take the pictures, and the response was great.

24-year-old Zhou Hongliang brought his girlfriend Chen Wenjie to check in. They rode a motorcycle, posed in various poses against creative road signs, and asked friends to help them take pictures. “I saw it on the Internet and thought it looked cool, so I came here to take pictures.” In fact, in many places in Leshan, some businesses even put up similar personalized road signs, all of which read “I miss you very much in Leshan.” ,

However, in the face of such “Internet Celebrity Street Signs”, citizens and netizens have different views. Some people think that it is a meaningful cultural creation, which adds a romantic atmosphere to the city and has a personality; But others feel that the installation of such road signs is a follow-up behavior and not necessary. If the location is not defined correctly, there may be some security risks.

The report noted that upon investigation, the level of acceptance of such road signs among young people is relatively high, and most of them expressed their love for them and called them “romantic”. It’s not big, but don’t install it outdoors. sidewalks or roadsides, so as not to affect the safety of pedestrians or cause unnecessary confusion.

“I miss you” road signs were everywhere. (courtesy of Red Star News)



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