IDB to give $4 million loan to Uruguay to tackle gender violence

U.S.A.IDB to give $4 million loan to Uruguay to...

The Inter-American Development Bank will provide a $4.1 million loan to Uruguay to tackle gender violence in its country (Photo: Pixabay)

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Uruguay agreed on a loan of $4.1 million, in addition to $1 million of non-reimbursable financing, To contribute to the achievement of gender equality in Uruguay and to promote a life free of gender violence.

is that IDB’s first loan to focus exclusively on fighting gender-based violence, informed of Montevideo Portal,

This is expected to enhance the services capacity of the Response System for Gender-Based Violence (SRVBG) of the National Institute for Women (INMUJERES), the governing body of gender policies in Uruguay for adult women. This population would include migrant women and trafficked women.Under IDB Promujeres, Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Programme.

Through a statement, the IDB said it seeks to promote “gender equality and the prevention of gender-based violence among young Uruguayans and migrants, strengthening the work of Inmujeres” in relation to education.

“with this, Will fund the strengthening and expansion of psychosocial and legal services for women in situations of intimate partner violence in Montevideo and within the country, including those obtained from the ankle brace program, and Expanding the scope of care for women in trafficking situations For the purposes of sexual and labor exploitation,” the letter continued.

Activities financed by IDB include: Improving the quality of services and expanding coverage of the response system to gender-based violence, aimed at Uruguayan women of legal age and expatriates. Remodeling works will also be included and the Montevideo Service Center will be expanded.

Through this funding program, IDB estimated that there would be 17,630 women beneficiaries through psychosocial and legal care services, Another 630 would benefit from services for trafficked women and would be sent annually to the portal of admission to a temporary shelter, in addition to an estimated 500, 450 boys and girls.

Activists take part in a march for International Women's Day this Monday in Montevideo.  EFE / Raul Martinez
Activists take part in a march for International Women’s Day this Monday in Montevideo. EFE / Raul Martinez

what’s more, Another 10,024 women will have annual access to telephone counseling services And it is estimated that 13,000 youth and 3,600 teachers will directly benefit from the above actions through training activities on gender equality and prevention of gender-based violence response systems.

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$4.1 million credit provided by IDB, LIBOR. the interest rate will be based on (London Interbank Offered Rate), interest rate based on London Interbank Offering, a period of 25 years payback and a grace period of 5 1/2 years.

The event will also be dedicated to supporting the strengthening of the expression of inmujeres through the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP) and the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC). This will be implemented by the Gender and Education Network’s annual plans that inform and educate about the prevention of violence in the dating and school environments.

latest figures

In Uruguay, there was an attempt to kill a woman every 10 days during 2020. As of September 2021, every 15 days a woman was killed for being a woman. In the first half of this year, only 12 women died due to homicide.

Although the Ministry of the Interior noted a decrease in the number of complaints of gender violence, Inmujeres director Monica Botero declared that “Gender violence should not be part of the statistics of common crimes because it is related to power”, according to El Pais.

She added that “gender violence will not be reduced because of police intervention, but depends on other, more profound and cultural changes.”

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