“If the duke turns green and pro-peace, then I will be the first to be duchist”: Juan Manuel Santos

U.S.A."If the duke turns green and pro-peace, then I...

Juan Manuel Santos (Colprensa-Diego Pineda)

One of the aspects most questioned by the President‘s opposition evan deux During his more than three-year term, it is the implementation of the last peace deal, although he has confirmed before the United Nations that he has executed them more than he signed with the former president with the defunct FARC. Juan Manuel Santos,

Well, the implementation of the agreements was one of the points that Santos touched on in a conversation with the journalist Maria Jimena Duzani Feather Completelyhandjob of a podcast spotify studio in Colombia, in which he also questioned the duke’s support fracking, rejected the politicization of public force and explained why some businessmen fear peace. Here are some key points from the interview that can be heard from 5 pm on November 22:

The Duke “boarded” the peace bus, but without applying it

One of the phrases highlighted by Santos in the interview with Duzan is: “It gives me great satisfaction that the Duke is champion in the implementation of peace agreements”, With which, with sarcasm, he questions the current Colombian head of state for showing his chest on the issue when, in his opinion, he has let the first point die with FARC: comprehensive rural reform.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner also questioned whether Duke was referring to his government‘s commitment to the environment, although his speech gave practice. “I find it surprising that the Duke has now come out to say that he is green and that he is not promoting fracking, But there really is a long way to go from where (…)”, he insisted.

For Santos, there were those who expressed regret for not supporting the agreements.

For the former Colombian president between 2010 and 2019, it is gratifying to see that those who opposed the agreements signed in Havana at the time express regret for the decision today, especially when promoting a ‘no’ in the referendum. It is the case of some churches.

“I am glad that many of those who wanted to derail the Shanti train have now boarded it.”

In agreement with Santos, he met the bishops and clergy who led the ‘no’: he told me he was very sorry for what he had done (…). The church changed radically in the face of the implementation of the final peace agreement: it realized that this is what the country needed, ”said Santos.

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Some businessmen financed paramilitary

Santos supported María Jimena Duzán that if part of the business community did not support the agreements, it was because of her ties to paramilitarism, although she said that it was not too late to reconsider building peace in that country. which is necessary for this.

“The main reason many businessmen are nervous about agreement is the Truth Commission, the responsibility of merchants, for example, in the financing of paramilitary (…), but it would not be fair to generalize that all businessmen are or were against agreements”.

He also had words for General Jorge Enrique Mora, the former commander of the National Army, for his criticism of the accord in Havana, when he supported them: “I would ask you to think a lot because your signature appears in the peace deal”, And he added that “the politicization of our armed forces has been one of the gravest mistakes in our democracy.”

A piece of advice to the Duke: stop bragging about the “number of bandits left”

As for Ivan Duque, former President Santos recommends reaching out to the populations most affected by violence with a state presence, rather than providing statistics on perpetrators, although there is unease in vulnerable areas of the country.

President Duke or whoever comes, I would advise: change the metrics to measure the success of our public forces: Instead of taking out the box by the number of bandits killed, measure how many municipalities and villages the state managed to gain control of. This is what will restore peace to those areas. The president who comes has a golden opportunity to do what he has to do around the agreements.”

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