Ilyas Montalvo Responds After Engagement To Peter Fajardo: “I’m So humiliated for being upset”

U.S.A.Ilyas Montalvo Responds After Engagement To Peter Fajardo: "I'm...

Reality Boy talks about her relationship with Peter Fajardo. (Photo: Broadcast / Capture)

after saving myself artist of the Year, Eliza Montalvo She ruled out recent rumors that link her in a love affair with Peter Fajardo, the producer of This Is War.

Reality Boy decided to break his silence when asked if his performance on the track was affected by the controversial weeks he has been living in relation to images that were released where he is seen driving his owner’s car. Were were

TikToker said that his entry into the event organized by Gisela Valcarcel has helped him a lot to clear his mind as he is very worried.

“While it is true, I’m a little stressed and with a lot of load, but thanks to this opportunity I’ve been able to take off all that burden and focus more on what I want and I’m grateful for the opportunity, but We are human, we are not made of stone and everything shakes us,, expressed to the press.

Although he did not deny or confirm the speculation, the member of Esto es Guerra insisted that he is not used to being in the limelight and everything said about him has affected him and his family.

“Above all I am a newbie who is not used to this media issue which is being followed and harassed, Yes This has embarrassed me and my family so much And well, you could say I’m not like that at my 100 percent, I try”He added to his comment.

Let’s remember that Ilyas Montalvo started gaining popularity when he entered the US TV reality show after winning the TikTok contest with Rosangela Espinoza, and now with his entry in The Artist of the Year.

Do not agree with the jury of the artist of the year

Elias Montalvo is serving his sentence for the second time in a row. After eliminating Christian Dominguez, Reality Boy didn’t get enough points to get rid of the punishment.

The dancer failed to impress with her performance on 20 November and disagreed with the comments and jury’s ratings on her performance on stage.

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“I always respect those who know, the jury in this case, accept criticism and make corrections if I keep going in the competition. You have to respect what the jury says and apply that knowledge.” What I lack”, he pointed.

,I disagree but I always respect them, The jury knows what they deserve and I have nothing left to say (…) I guess I am one of those people who like to take risks and have an artist concept like singing, dancing, cheering, lifting the audience and I feel like I don’t agree with my score”added.

Elias Montalvo and Peter Fajardo

Last Friday, November 5th, Rodrigo Gonzalez talked about the live broadcast of rosangella espinoza, which rained heavily on This Is War. ‘Selfie Girl’ Confesses Nothing Relevant But He hinted that there would be a bomb on US TV that would “ignite Hollywood” when it came to light.

Following these statements, the host of Amor y Fuego noted very calmly that one of these “bombs” It was Elias Montalvo’s alleged love affair with the producer of Esto es Guerra.

“What is she (saying) I pass it to you: I know that Peter Fajardo has dated Elias, that there is something there. But it is already in the past ”, The popular ‘Peluchin’ said in a conversation with Gigi Mater from Tarapoto.

After this confession on the air, a video was circulated on social networks by Peter Fajardo caressing Elias Montalvo’s hair while they sang karaoke together.

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