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“I’m excited to see where it’s going” – Shawn Michaels on NXT star turn

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WWE legend Sean Michaels recently shared his thoughts on Cora Jade opening Roxanne Perez a week after winning the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship.

On Wednesday’s NXT show, Roxanne Perez faced Mandy Rose in the NXT Women’s Championship in the Main Event. Before the show, a mysterious superstar attacks Roxanne in the parking lot. Cora Jade was later revealed to be the attacker and cost her doubles partner the title chance. At the end of the game, Jade also attacked Perez with her skateboard.

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Sean Michaels recently joined WWE Bumpthe four-time world champion discusses Cora Jade’s heel turn.

“So you see, it’s as old as the caveman, right? It’s jealousy, it’s jealousy, it’s something we all go through in life and in our careers. Have we not allowed it to bring out the best of our characters? Of course I can’t in my career, obviously Cora [Jade] also can not. Again, it’s obviously not a pun, it’s heartbreaking. at the same time, [it makes for] Riveting TV, I have to say, oddly enough, I’m excited to see where it’s going,” Michaels said. [H/T Fightful]


Sean Michaels on NXT locker room competitiveness

Heartbreak Kid claims the current playing field backstage in the NXT locker room may have been a factor in Jade’s move to her partner. Michaels likens the brand’s dressing room to a shark tank.

“I would say, here, it’s always been like this [competitive] Because this is the most competitive environment. Nothing is certain here. Unlike SmackDown or Raw, these brands have many long-entrenched superstars. In NXT 2.0, it’s anyone’s game and the most competitive environment. We keep getting more young athletes coming in to “take the place of other NXT Superstars”. So here is the shark tank. ”

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It remains to be seen how the rivalry between Jade and Perez will play out in the near future.

Do you think Cora Jade should turn around? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Alberto Del Rio wishes Paige all the best after leaving WWE. Details here.

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