In Shuangbei Taoyuan, 3 cases have tested positive for more than 10,000 in a single day.

Patients are taken by ambulance for treatment to the emergency room of New Taipei City Hospital. Reporter Chen Zhengxing / Photography

The number of confirmed cases in Taiwan increased by 65,385 on the 12th, and confirmed cases increased by 12% compared to the 12th. Cases in Shuangbei and Taoyuan surpassed 10,000. President Tsai Ing-wen praised on Facebook that Taiwan hasEpidemiccome steady,epidemic preventionThe team is doing well, but the Mayor of New Taipeiyes yiThe response is “definitely not what the president said”, and the new system will go on the road on the 12th following the diagnosis of a rapid positive test. It is limited to 3 categories of items namely home isolation, home quarantine, and self-pandemic prevention. Hou Youyi criticized that the pandemic tsunami had arrived, and that rapid screening would be on a positive path. The diagnosis should not be limited to the goal. If identification cannot be relaxed and simplified, the medical capacity and medical personnel will be out-crowded.

79 serious cases, 17 dead, 10-year-old in intensive care

On the 12th, 79 new cases of moderate and severe cases were reported, including 61 cases of moderate illness and 18 cases of severe. 17 of the severe cases died. Of these, 3 people were in coma at home. In severe cases, 1 severe case is a preschool boy under the age of 10. He has no history of any chronic diseases and has not been vaccinated. She was hospitalized due to facial neuropathy and is currently being treated in an intensive care unit.

In order to decongest the medical institutions for investigation and enforce diversion, the command center was opened on the 12th “Quick Testing and Positive Diagnosis”. Some people who did not belong to the limited three categories of objects, but made an appointment for them. Video diagnosis and treatment, trouble in favor of diagnosis and treatment, and chaos everywhere. , Hou Youyi called on the central government to communicate at the grassroots level and simplify procedures, so that the policy is still in chaos. Chen Shizong said that in the early stages of video chat, everyone was inexperienced, and it would intensify once they get familiar with it.

Relatives and friends of confirmed patients ready to take medicines on behalf of doctors

The command center stressed that those who do not belong to the first three categories still have to undergo PCR screening, and cannot confirm mode by video, and those who do meet the conditions should also be sent to a doctor. If they use Taiwanese EUA-certified Saliva Rapid Screening Reagent. Luo Yijun, deputy head of the medical response team, explained that there are three channels for online consultation if it is determined that a confirmed person is being cared for at home.

The pipeline includes hundreds of local responsible institutions and clinics home care teams, Health Insurance Express and Health Yiyou APP can provide online appointments, but the number of registered locations is limited, it is recommended that the care team still see a doctor needed. At the same time, telephone consultation was also opened for confirmed patients on 13th to reduce the digital gap and difficulty in access. In addition, relatives and friends can also visit 137 clinics to get medicines on their behalf.

A total of 544,255 cases have been reported in Taiwan this year, including 973 serious cases and 115 deaths. Li Bingying, coordinator of the Advisory Committee on Infectious Disease Prevention and Immunization (ACIP) of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, said the epidemic is expected to peak in early June.

Chen Shizhong emphasized that assumptions such as estimating the peak of the epidemic are not very helpful for epidemic control. There are currently some potential risks to adopting a “3+4” policy or other measures, but this should be considered on the basis of whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages or the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

Temporary wards have been set up next to an outdoor screening station in New Taipei City, and people wait to see a doctor or receive medicines.  The pandemic situation is dire.  Reporter Chen Zhengxing / Photo...
Temporary wards have been set up next to an outdoor screening station in New Taipei City, and people wait to see a doctor or receive medicines. The epidemic situation is serious.Reporter Chen Zhengxing / Photography

One-day confirmed cases of Beibeitao surged in watchmaking/drug group
One-day confirmed cases of Beibeitao surged in watchmaking/drug group

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