Friday, August 12, 2022

In the released group list “Ride the Wind and Break the Waves” Wang Xinling successfully won the C debut

The finale of Lu Jong’s “Riding the Wind and Waves” on the evening of the 5th, the show became popular againwang xinlingWith the position of Si, he successfully won the championship, and Zhong Xintong (Gillian), Zheng Zhiyuan (Jessica), Yu Wenwen, Tan Weiwei, Xue Caiqi, Guo Caijie, Zhang Tianai, Cai Zuoyan (A Sa) and Tang Shia.

wang xinlingWeiboSharing his experience, he wrote: “I thought I wouldn’t ride the wind and waves, thought it would take a long time to meet everyone, thought I wouldn’t try rap, thought I was a multiple – Personal stage, I thought I couldn’t stand a reality show, I thought I didn’t want to be the captain, I thought I wouldn’t go to Chengfeng.”

Then he said: “Maybe, it takes a lot of courage, a lot of perseverance and a lot of love… because during this time I have more love and friendship than I ever imagined, making the impossible possible… Horse riding Do. Wind and waves After that, there will be many new stories ahead… Let’s be together, love each other, support each other… Long, long, long time.”

After the show became popular again, when Wang Xinling was interviewed after the game, she candidly admitted that she did not expect such an outcome. During the recording, she also formed good relations with the other sisters, and their words also revealed that she was reluctant to “return order” after the game, and that she wanted to leave everyone for activities alone.


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