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In the western drought, the water level of Lake Mead dropped and 2 human bones were found

At least two human bones have been found after the water level of Lake Mead, located on the border between Nevada and Arizona, has fallen due to a prolonged drought. The picture shows a sunken boat as the water level in Lake Mead is low. (The Associated Press)

affected by prolonged drought located inNevadaThe water level of Lake Mead on the border with Arizona has dropped, and at least two human bones have been found. Local politicians and experts have boldly predicted that if the water level recedes, it would not rule out the discovery. , and the dead bodies found one after the other may fall prey to it. gang crime.

Former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, a former underworld defense attorney, said that no one knew what was going to happen next at Lake Mead, although he joked: “I’m talking about ‘climate control’ a lot of the underworld. Know the concerns. Very worried, that is, the corpse is sealed and thrown into the lake, so that the water level of the lake is not affectedClimate changeand decline. ,

Nevada history professor Michael Green agreed with Goodman, saying that “if water levels keep falling, more and more ‘interesting things’ will happen.” Professor Green suggested that there was a high probability that the murder case was classified. As a “missing case” because the victim’s body was not found. With the discovery of human skeletons in Mead Lake, police may begin to suspect that these victims were sealed up and thrown overboard, resulting in prolonged body loss.

However, to Greene’s speculation, police were less critical and reluctant to respond directly. He only said that there was no direct evidence to confirm that the skeletons found were related to murder, but if the prosecutor opens the case for investigation, the police will also cooperate with the investigation.

In fact, “barrel ceiling” is “standard operating procedure” for gang murder; Geoff Schumacher, associate curator of The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, said: “Sealing it up and then throwing it into the water is a standard practice for gangsters. Kill Normally, as long as it is well sealed, the corpse of the barrel can never be found; He disappeared in 1976 and was found just days off the coast of Florida, stuffed in a steel drum and dumped on the ocean floor.”

For this reason a formerpoliceShow host David Kohlmeyer recently offered a 5,000 yuan bounty on the show, hoping that qualified divers might dive to find more iron barrels to see if they die at the bottom of the lake. can find more souls; But Lake Mead Department officials said this method was not possible, as there are several “legal iron barrels” at the bottom of the lake, which were put down to build Hoover Dam, so divers were not allowed to go down. Can go and take the barrel up.

Las Vegas, located in the upper reaches of Lake Mead, has long been rife with underworld crimes, and bodies found in the lake may be gang crimes...
Las Vegas, located on the upper reaches of Lake Mead, has long been rife with underworld crime, and bodies found in the lake may have been victims of gang crimes. (The Associated Press)

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