Inauguration of Corn on 26 November

U.S.A.Inauguration of Corn on 26 November

after the opening of the session Maize it is paid $20,735, which represents an increase of 1.1% compared to the previous day‘s $20,510.

If we compare the price with the previous dates, it adds up to two consecutive days in positive digits. Over the past week, the volatility has clearly underperformed compared to the volatility reflected in the previous year’s data, so we can say that it has been going through a period of more stability lately.

If you look at the figures of the last seven days Maize registers a climb 3,42%, for this reason, in the last year still increased 33,43%,

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This is the highest in the last two months since the inauguration of the session.

international corn price

Extending the financial information of this asset internationally, the present value of Maize it stands in chicago $374 per tonne as on 26 November latest data.

With respect to the future prices of this grain, its price in the current month reaches $228.24 Chicago and in. In $230.51 in the next month. Similarly, there is a rise in corn prices in Argentina 206 pesos more for this month 208 Looking forward to next month.

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