Inauguration of soybean 22 November

U.S.A.Inauguration of soybean 22 November

negative start of the day for soy, which is paid 35.900 Ars, which shows a decrease of 0.77% as compared to the previous day‘s ARS figure of 36,180.

Analyzing this data with data from the previous days, it turns the tables with respect to the previous day, where it marked an increase of 0.28%, indicating that there was a trend in settling in the recent dates. is unable. With regard to the volatility of the previous days, it stands at 15.93%, which is a lower figure than the annual volatility data (19.25%), indicating that it is showing less change than expected in this last phase.

With regard to the profitability of the last seven days, soy accumulates growth of 3,22% And in the last year still increase 37,44%,

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Finally, the result is close to the data recorded on November 17, when it reached a high for the year with the ARS figure of 36,180.

International Prices of Soy

current price of soy it’s in chicago 0 dollars per tonne, as per the latest data on November 22.

For future prices of soybeans, its price during the current month is $464.09 Chicago and in. In $471.81 in the next month. Similarly soybean futures prices in Argentina are at 358.9 pesos in this month and 358.8 Looking forward to next month.

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