Incompetent gun control? New York cracks down on ghost guns, Adams calls for strengthening out-of-state controls

New York Mayor Adams (first from left) responded to the allegation of “incompetence in gun control,” saying that cooperation from all walks of life is needed. (Provided by City Police)

New York CityA total of 2,600 illegal firearms were confiscated this year, including 200 Ghost guns in the first four months; mayoradams(Eric Adams) held a press conference at the city’s police headquarters on the 11th, calling on the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to assist and strengthen investigations into out-of-state ghost gun subsidiaries. was called upon. judicial system control.

Adams and Sewell are calling on the ATF to revoke the license of a Nevada company called Polymer80, where several parts of the gun came from crime scenes across the city, according to an investigation by the city police’s Ghost Gun Squad.

Ghost guns are made from parts and assembly kits, and law enforcement cannot trace the guns’ origins because they do not have serial numbers, Silver said; City police have seized 200 ghost guns in the first four months of this year, over 200 guns a 314% increase over the same period last year.

The ATF issued a search warrant against the company in December 2020 to investigate whether the production and sale of firearms kits violated firearms laws; However, the company’s website states that these kits do not fall under the federal definition of illegal firearms.

Adams also repeatedly repliedShootingResponding to the case, he said the city police had been wrongly accused of being “incapable of preventing shooting violence”, but that it was not a “single war”; Carrying and using a firearm with this kind of attitude is something I’ve never seen in my life. life.”

Public safety and the justice system were inextricably linked, he said, and the solution was not “just bail reform,” but a collaborative effort between agencies.

Data shows city police have seized 2,600 illegal firearms so far this year; Adams pointed out that it is only a “final obstacle” for law enforcement, and that illegal firearms production and the rapid release of suspects “impede our entire action”.

City police chief Keechant Sewell said the city’s seven major crime categories have seen an overall increase of 41 percent so far this year, and the number of felonies hit a 21-year high.

Adams responded to accusations from the outside world that he and the city’s police were “incompetent” in fighting crime. “I’m really disappointed.” New Yorkers should now live in a safer city, he said, because according to the actions of the city police, it is a pity, “because some partners blame the inaction of law enforcers.”

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