Increase of 41 deaths per day in Taiwan at record high

K Wenzhe suggested that “quick screening positive” should be administered, as the current rapid screening for PCR can be delayed by four days, and may miss the time of administration. However, the central government believes that the drug can be given only after the diagnosis is confirmed by PCR, which has led to various central and local discord.Reporter Lin Junliang / Photography

The Taiwan Command Center announced on the 13th that 64,972 new localized cases, 41 new deaths among confirmed cases, and 217 new cases of moderate and severe cases were reported, all scaling new heights.Command Center CommanderChen Shizongsaid there were 41 one-day deathsEpidemicThis marks a new high since last year, surpassing the Level 3 warning period last year.

Tsai Ing-wen immediately invited the governmentepidemic preventionmeeting

The cumulative number of local cases this year has risen to over 540,000, up from 300,000 in the previous week. Confirmed cases are mainly young adults aged 20 to 40, with the highest rates of moderate and severe cases over the age of 90. With an average of 1 in 10 cases being moderate or severe. On the morning of the 13th, President Tsai Ing-wen invited an epidemic prevention consultation meeting at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, and called for “building a larger screening station in Babyjitao”, “simplifying the consultation process”, “in a facility to receive medicines”. decided to improve”. , and the purchase of epidemic prevention materials continues to increase” 3 major epidemic prevention in principle.

Taipei mayor Ko Wenzhe recently said that antiviral drugs should be given to those who are positive in a rapid test, otherwise, “many people will surely die” by the time PCR screenings take place. However, Chen Shizhong believes that the move is to rush to the doctor. The medicine is given in case of uncertainty of the patient. In case of side effect, there will be problem of imposition of medical responsibility. “It’s better if it’s not faster.”

Maternal hemorrhage diagnosed in 20s

The death toll in a single day has risen to 41, and the outside world has questioned whether it is related to delays in medicine. Luo Yijun, deputy chief of the command center’s medical response team, said 40 of them had a history of chronic diseases, 50 of them were over 80, and had not received a single dose of the vaccine. Also signed a “CPR for Denial of Consent (DNR)”.

A new serious case is of a 20-year-old woman who has not been vaccinated. She had trouble breathing after spontaneous postpartum hemorrhage. She was transferred from the obstetrics and gynecology clinic for treatment and was diagnosed with a positive test. He is now being treated in the intensive care unit on a respirator and his condition is stable. Whether postpartum hemorrhagic trauma is related to new crown infection remains to be further clarified. A total of 1,190 cases of moderate and severe cases and 156 deaths have been reported this year.

Peace will be transferred to a special hospital for epidemic prevention

K Wenzhe said on the 13th that the North City Union Medical College and Heping Hospital District would convert the entire hospital into an epidemic prevention hospital, the entire hospital would accept confirmed patients, and 50 nurses would be recruited to specialize in the wards. Command center spokesman Zhuang Renxiang said that in late April, a document was sent to various locations. In the event of a pandemic, the emergency hospital may be evacuated to receive confirmed patients. At present, the situation in the epidemic Shuangbei is more serious. Start vacating jobs.

36 hospitals set up green channels for children

Nine additional screening stations have been opened in Taipei, New Taipei, Keelung and Taoyuan, three in Shuangbei, one in Keelung and two in Taoyuan, which will be completed in the near future. The command center also announced the opening of a green channel for pre-school medical treatment, giving priority to children below 6 years of age, and reducing waiting and gathering.

Taiwan originally bought 5,000 copies of Merck’s oral drug “monapilvir,” which is mostly used to treat patients in dialysis and long-term care institutions. On the 13th, it announced the purchase of an additional 50,000 copies. Its contract is expected to be delivered next week. Taiwan’s domestic drug stock has reached 825,000, and the proportion of the population purchased is 3.55, which is lower than that of the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, and higher than that of Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea. Chen Shizong said that “the current number is not small.”

advanced age, immunocompromised plus vaccination

The number of confirmed patients in Taiwan is increasing. Among them, patients in dialysis and long-term care institutions are high-risk groups. A total of 458 residential long-term care institutions have reported confirmed cases, which have attracted attention. In addition, for the elderly over the age of 65 and immunized people over the age of 18, it is expected that a second supplemental dose will be available from next week.

Moderate Severe and Mortality Growth Tabulation/Pharmaceutical Group
Moderate Severe and Mortality Growth Tabulation/Pharmaceutical Group

Epidemic Prevention Chen Shizong Epidemic

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