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Increasing corporate tax to check inflation? Bezos tweets that Biden is ‘misleading’

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.Reuters

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Bloomberg News reported that the flashpoint for the rhetoric was Biden’s tweet on the evening of the 13th: “Want to beat inflation? Let’s make sure the richest companies pay their dues in taxes.”

The comment aroused Bezos’ discontent, and he later tweeted, criticizing Biden’s remarks that wealthy companies pay taxes to beat inflation, which is simply “misleading.”

“A new ‘disruptive board’ should review (Biden’s) tweets, or, perhaps, a new ‘non-sequitur board’ is necessary,” Bezos said. The US Department of Homeland Security in April announced the establishment of a “Disruptive Governance Board” (Disruption Information). Government Board).

He added: “It is okay to talk about increasing corporate tax. It is important to talk about controlling inflation. But mixing the two is only misleading.”

Amazon will generate $469 billion in global revenue in 2021 and pay $3.7 billion in US taxes. The e-commerce giant is often criticized for paying inadequate federal taxes and disproportionately large for its size. Bezos, the second richest man in the world, is often used as a representative of the problem of “income inequality”.

Although Bezos is criticized, he is clearly not one to lie and shoot; This time he has become the target of inflation in the United States.

Bezos, who owns The Washington Post, and Amazon were frequently targeted by Trump’s tweets during the presidency of former US President Donald Trump. Trump has often tried to downplay the Washington Post’s investigative reporting, alleging that it was all because he had a vacation with Bezos.

But this time, it was the first time Bezos had publicly taken on Biden. However, Bezos became quite active on Twitter on the 13th. In addition to arguing with Biden in the tweet, Bezos also discussed space squirrels and dyslexia with other Twitter users.

Twitter has been in the news lately, with the world’s richest man Musk proposing to buy Twitter and take the company off the market last month, but a few days ago, Musk tweeted that the acquisition was “on hold” due to community scrutiny. The number of fake accounts on the media platform was pending.

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