India to repeal three agriculture laws after a year of strong protests

WorldIndia to repeal three agriculture laws after a year...

Indianto start repeal From three agricultural reform laws who has triggered Farmer protests on a large scale for almost a yearannounced on Friday Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a revolutionary turn of its policy.

“We have decided to repeal three agricultural laws. We will initiate the constitutional process to repeal the three laws in the parliamentary session beginning at the end of the month,” he said. Modi To add in a speech to the nation: “I call on all the farmers (…) who took part in the protest to start from scratch and move on to their homes, their loved ones, farms and families.”

thousands of farmersMany of them were from the northern state of Punjab, who had been camping since November 2020 in the border with the capital New Delhi, which has been one of them. the biggest challenges to the government Modi,

about two thirds 1.3 billion The subsistence of Indians depends on agriculture, a sector that has always been a minefield for the political class. The nationalist Modi defended these reforms because of the need to fix an area that is very inefficient. But farmers feared that these changes would leave them at the mercy of large corporations.

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violent protest

protest one violent eye In January, when a tractor parade in New Delhi turned into an attack, a farmer was killed and hundreds of police officers were injured. Last month, eight people were killed in riots in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

former leader of Punjab StateAmarinder Singh described Modi’s announcement as “great news“. “Thank you Prime Minister Narendra Modi for agreeing to the request of all Punjabis and abolishing the three black laws,” he said on Twitter.

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Huh reforms They were approved in September 2020 with the aim of regulating the agricultural market, where state bodies had set minimum prices for crops for decades. “The intention was that the country’s farmers, especially small farmers, who constitute about 80% of the total and have the smallest amount of land, have more power,” he said.

magazine editor CaravanThese laws were dead and only “Modi’s arrogance stood in the way of the government to repeal them,” Hartosh Singh Bal told AFP.

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