Indonesian Futsal Federation Holds Workshop for Referees and Coaches

SportsIndonesian Futsal Federation Holds Workshop for Referees and Coaches

Indonesian Futsal Federation Holds Workshop for Referees and Coaches. Photo: IST

JAKARTA – Professional Futsal League (LFP) 2021 will apply Law of The Game (LOTG) 2021/2022. Indonesian Futsal Federation (FFI) held a virtual workshop on LOTG on 22-23 November 2021, attended by 45 referees and 18 coaches from the LFP 2021 participating teams.

“This workshop is certainly important for us, because there is a lot of new information and we must better understand the latest regulations from the experts directly, even though it is only virtual,” said Head Coach of Netic FC, Maya Muhairina Fajriah who is also the holder of the captain’s armband for the Netic FC team and holds an AFC Coach License. Futsal Level 2.

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Similarly, one of the licensed FIFA Futsal referees, Windy Agustina Putra, believes that the latest LOTG amendment is indeed better than the previous amendment.

“The explanation for LOTG 2021/2022, I think, is clearer than the previous one, we just need to understand it well and follow the rules as best we can, both players and referees. The point is that on the pitch we referees and players support each other,” said Windy.

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This workshop was brought directly by a FIFA licensed Referee Instructor, Badrul Hisham Kalam from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The LOTG workshop was held aimed at socializing the implementation of LOTG 2021/2022 which will be used at LFP 2021.

In addition, this workshop aims to build a common understanding between coaches and referees to reduce misperceptions in every referee’s decision on the field.

The following is a summary of the 2021/2022 LOTG amendments:
1. Law 1: The playing field
2. Law 2: Ball
3. Law 3: Players
4. Law 4: Player Equipment
5. Law 5: Wasit
6. Law 6: Other Match Officials
7. Law 7: Duration of Competition
8. Law 8: Starting and Restarting the Game
9. Law 9: The ball is in and out of play
10. Law 10: Determining the Result of the Match
11. Law 11: Offside
12. Law 12: Offenses and Mistakes
13. Law 13: Free Kicks
14. Law 14: Penalty Kick
15. Law 15: Kick In
16. Law 16: Goal Clearance
17. Law 17: Corner Kick


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