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INFORMICH, which develops the mobile battery sharing service “ChargeSPOT”, announced on November 22 that it will work with the digital disability certificate “Mirairo ID” (Android version / iOS version) provided by Mirairo.

Under the supervision of Mirairo, this alliance will promote the installation of ChargeSPOT in places that are easier for people with disabilities to use. In addition, it will utilize the already installed ChargeSPOT digital signage to support the widespread use of Mirairo ID in society. Also, until January 31, 2022, a free coupon will be distributed for 5 days within the Mirairo ID.

ChargeSPOT is a service that develops mobile batteries with the concept of “borrowing anywhere and returning anywhere”. Another feature is the ease with which you can rent a battery stand by simply scanning the QR code on the battery stand with the ChargeSPOT dedicated app (Android version / iOS version) or a compatible app. You can also return it to a stand other than the one you rented. The service started in April 2018, and is currently installed in 30,000 locations nationwide, including stations, airports, commercial facilities, restaurants, convenience stores, and public facilities. The fee is 165 yen for less than 30 minutes, 330 yen for 48 hours, and 330 yen a day after that.

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INFORICH sympathizes with Mirairo’s idea that “we are creating new value for society based on the idea of ​​universal design by turning diversity such as nationality, gender, age, physical characteristics and abilities into power.” However, it will support the movement and life of all people, including people with disabilities and their families, more conveniently and more freely from the perspective of charging with ChargeSPOT.


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