Ingrid Betancourt returns to Colombia on Friday to attend the Coalition of Hope

U.S.A.Ingrid Betancourt returns to Colombia on Friday to attend...

Former Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt was registered during an interview with Efe in Bogotá (Colombia). EFE / Carlos Ortega

Former presidential candidate and former Congressman Ingrid Betancourt, that she was kidnapped for six years by the extinct Fark guerrillas in the country’s forests and became a symbol against this crime in the country, Will reach Colombia on Friday.

On the Blue radio station he reported that the Green Party was the founder of Oxygen in the late 1990s. The conclave that will be attended by members of the Coalition of Hope is attended by Green Party political figures such as Angelica Lozano, former Liberal Party members such as Juan Fernando Cristo. From the left in the case of Jorge Enrique Robaldo and the brothers Juan Manuel and Carlos Fernando Galán, who revived the legal status of New Liberalism.

After being rescued in Operation Jacques in 2008, Betancourt broke away from politics. The key role in strengthening the union of this coalition that seeks to be a counterpoint to the historic pact, a leftist movement, Under the leadership of Gustavo Petro, former mayor of Bogota; As well as the presidential candidate on the right, where former President lvaro Uribe’s Democratic Center party stands out, where former finance minister Oscar Iván Zuluaga was recently approved for the contest.

The purpose of this meeting is that they eventually agree to support the presidential candidate. Where the names of Alejandro Gaviria, the former rector of the Universidad de los Andes, and Sergio Fajardo, the former mayor of Medellin, have been shuffled.

The Minister of Health, headed by Juan Manuel Santos, to be precise, Gaviria announced that he was severing his ties with the Liberal Party and its current director, former President César Gaviria. This is to realize the support of the Alliance of Hope.

“I agree to participate in the meeting (the so-called conference) to obtain a consultation in March without veto, broad and include areas of the center that reject extremes, anger and continuanceGaviria said.

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Mother of Angrid Betancourt, excited by the return of New Liberalism

Yolanda Pulacio, mother of Ingrid Betancourt, and who is also remembered for her activism in demanding the release of her daughter in the early 2000s, Luis Carlos Galán moved him from a return to the political game in Colombia of the party founded in 1979: The New Liberalism.

Pulacio was the first female Congressman that he left the Liberal Party to side with the politician, who was later assassinated by the narco-terrorist group of Pablo Escobar of the Medellin Cartel, for which he returned from that movement to the Colombian political arena, a process led by Galán. The widow of Gloria Pachon did. This created great satisfaction.

“A great example of courage and good judgment he has given to Colombia, it is fitting and natural that he assumes the leadership of the new liberalism, Juan Manuel and Carlos Fernando Galán were already political leaders without the new liberalism landscape, but they were able to retake the flag and revive the party.”, the former Congresswoman assured the Galen brothers.

He expressed his feeling, from the perspective of his 81 years as a former member of the New Liberalism, to be present to see the community revive.

“This is a historic victory that elevates Colombia, restores hope to our people and fundamentally changes the political landscape of the country”He noted in the video.

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Duke has not been notified of a change in the status of the fork in the United States.
“Beyond the division and polarization that the referendum left us, we must focus on building a country in peace”: Alejandro Gaviria

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